Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wellsville police kill dog

This is a totally odd story out of Wellsville, Ohio.

So we have a dog owner who keeps their dog outside, chained. Prior to the chaining, the dog had a history of running loose and charging at people. The dog appears to have been kept on a 3' chain. At some point, the dog got loose and bit/nipped a 3-yr-old child.

Okay, here's where it gets weird. Wellsville has one animal control officer. That isn't weird. What's odd is that she apparently takes calls in her personal vehicle and has her kids with her. And, while she has a catch pole, it's broken. I mean, come on people, a catch pole is $50 and is rather helpful when catching dogs. The ACO only has a wire crate as well that isn't sufficient for transporting potentially aggressive or stressed dogs.

ACO calls police. Police come out and when the dog lunges,an officer shoots the dog. They don't know if the dog was hit, as he ran under a porch. Instead of trying to help the dog or transport him to a vet, they get permission from the mayor to shoot the dog a second time, killing him.

Then, ACO officer takes the body and buries it in a human cemetery. Seriously. You can't do that. Not just because it's illegal (it is) but also because you're supposed to send dead biting dog bodies to get their head examined for rabies. Well, in this case, it probably wasn't necessary seeing how the dog owner had the dog vaccinated and licensed. So, really, when you KNOW who the dog belongs to, the proper thing to do is maybe ask the owner if they want their dog's body back. Just saying.

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