Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ohio police shoot 15-lb dog

A small dog was shot and killed by Blue Ash police after the dog bit a police officer twenty-six times on both hands. These weren't little nips, the guy is going to need reconstructive surgery and serious physical therapy to repair the damage caused by the dog.

And why did the dog bite? Well, the dog was running loose and police were called. When they arrived, they ended up cornering the dog on the front porch. This is where it gets ugly. One of the officers attempted to pick up the cornered dog and that's when the dog bit him. A lot. So, the officer shot the dog three times, leaving a blood stain and spent bullets on the dog owner's front porch (which the owners got to discover after coming from a funeral).

It was stupid of police to try and pick up a frightened, cornered dog. This is when training on how to handle loose dogs comes in handy. A cornered dog can easily be caught with a catch pole and this dog would still be alive if police in Blue Ash were equipped with such a device OR they had an animal control officer who was. An alternative would be to send one of the officers off to find a board or a leash to loop around the dog's neck while safely cornered.

I'm not saying this dog wasn't dangerous - he was. But not because he was bad or unsound or generally a mean dog. He was dangerous because he was cornered and afraid and exhibited a very low bite threshold when challenged. I don't blame him, either. Instead of using some common sense, police tried to handle a frightened dog and he bit, a lot. Then they shot and killed this dog.

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