Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 2011: Hallandale Police Officer Shoots Dog

January 2011, Hallandale - Florida

While feeding his dog, described as a Pit Bull, a man heard a commotion. The dog trotted off in the direction of the sound and as he rounded the corner, encountered several officers responding to a separate call.

One of the officers freaked out and shot the dog multiple times. According to the owner, the dog was shot will running back towards his property.

Officers refused to allow the family to take the dog to a veterinarian for two hours. If that was a human being, lawsuit time! But dogs are only our friends, apparently, not worthy of any meaningful legal protection like not having to sit in a cage for two hours before being treated for potentially unnecessary bullet holes.

The dog is expected to survive.

January 2011: Eugene Police Shoot Dog On Property

January, 2011 - Eugene, Oregon

An American Bulldog was shot and killed when he charged at a Eugene police officer. The dog had somehow gotten out of his home but was on his front yard when the shooting occurred.

One witness claims the detective already had a gun drawn, as opposed to drawing a gun when the dog charged.

January 2011: Shelburn Police Kill Two Dogs Fighting

January, 2011 - Shelburn, Indiana

Several dogs, described as Mastiffs, were engaged in a fight on their own or feet from the edge of their property.

Police were called.

When they arrived, they tried to stop the fighting by shooting at the ground. When that failed, the officer shot two of the dogs.

According to comments and a witness, one of the dogs was shot and left to suffer alive for more than 20 minutes before being shot again and killed.

Neighbors state the dogs (described as "puppies" but no age given) have a history of aggression.

January 2011 West Seattle Police Shoot Two Dogs

January, 2011 - Washington

Police responding to a domestic disturbance came upon a scene involving a woman being bitten by two dogs. The woman was also the suspect.

When the woman broke free, the two dogs - a Labrador Retriever and a Pit Bull - began attacking each other.

When the dogs noticed the police, they charged. Officers killed the Lab and injured the Pit Bull and arrested the woman who was bitten.

January 2011: Police Kills Dog Who Breaks Free From Chain

January, 2011 - Tennessee

A police officer was flagged down by a man regarding a call over a long gun. He noticed a large, black dog chained nearby barking.

The dog broke from the chain and charged. The officer shot the dog once, killing him.

January 2011: Omaha Police Shoot Dog Who Attacked Officer

January, 2011

Omaha, Nebraska

Police were responding to a domestic disturbance call. When they knocked on the door, they were faced with an aggressive Dalmatian. They asked the woman to confine the dog, but she opened the door further.

The dog ran out and bit one of the officers, then attempted to bite another. One officer shot the dog in the hindquarters.

When the bitten officer declined treatment, officers and paramedics were kind enough to bring the Dalmatian out on the stretch and rush her to an emergency veterinarian who described the dog as fear-aggressive. A neighbor who witnessed the attack stated that the Dalmatian's behavior fits the dog, who has a history of reacting aggressively or in fear.

January 2011: Donora Police Shoot Dog, Miss Killing Him

January, 2011 - Donora, Pennsylvania

A man had left his dog, described as a Pit Bull, unattended in his home. At some point, the dog got out of the screen door and growled at people. He did not bite anyone.

Police were called. The dog had gone back into the home, but attempts to close the screen door properly failed, and the dog got out again.

The dog, now agitated, began barking and approaching the officer.

He shot the dog in the chest and made an attempt to "put him out of his misery" by shooting him again. Thankfully, he missed, and the owner arrived to take the dog to a vet where he is expected to survive.