Friday, February 19, 2010

Frederick County Sheriff shoots dog on property

A deputy shot an old Labrador Retriever, possibly as she walked away from him. The deputy was looking for a juvenile at the residence. The owner of the home asked the deputy to wait while he put his dogs up. One of the dogs aparently was outside on her property and approached from the side of the office. The officer felt threatened. The owner called the dog over. The dog was shot from behind, with the bullet going through the back leg and coming out the front.

Recently, the Frederick County Sheriff's Office offered to pay $2,500 for the medical costs.

Niagara Falls police shoots dog attacking his partner

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (AP) - A police officer in Niagara Falls shot a 90-pound pit bull to death after the dog knocked down a fellow officer and mauled him.

Police Lt. Michael Kachurek says the officers were investigating a burglary at an apartment house early Monday morning when the dog bounded out of another apartment and bowled over 1 of the cops. The dog's owner tried to call the animal back inside but it continued to bite the officer until his partner shot it.

The officer was treated for bite wounds at the hospital and the owner was cited for having an unlicensed dog and failing to properly restrain it.

Police later tracked down a 21-year-old man who had entered the building, starting the whole episode, and charged him with criminal trespassing.

(American Pit Bull Terriers do not weigh 90 lbs).

Sale lake police shoot and kill loose dog

Two dogs escaped from their yard. They approached two girls walking their dog. One report claims one dog attacked the girls' dog, but this turns out to be untrue (no injuries to the other dog and other witness reports). At some point, the girl grabbed her dog and put the dog over her head, which just excited and agitated one of the loose dogs more. The girls were able to shove the dogs away and manhandle them without being bitten.

A plains-clothes officer nearby approached, told the girls to step aside, then shot at the dog while the girls were three feet away. He missed the first three times and hit the dog the fourth time. The dog later died.

Wausau Officer shoots dog who nips him

A mixed breed dog was shot when an officer felt threatened by the dog's aggressive and dangerous behavior. The officer was responding to a report of intoxicated arguers. The dog belonged to one of the women, came out of the house when the officer arrived and charged the interloper, biting him on the arm. The officer shot the dog once in the chest. The dog was refused care by a vet and the woman is treating the dog herself.

Maricopa police chief dismissed

The police chief who shot several dogs, including a dog who witnesses state he whistled over, catch-poled, than shot and killed has been dismissed because he couldn't respond to calls in an appropriate time (official report).

Memphis refuses to pay veterinary bill of wounded dog

The city of Memphis is refusing to pay for the veterinary bill for the shooting injury of a woman's dog.

The owner has a recording from the security company stating that there are dogs on the property, yet the officer entered the backyard and immediately shot at the two dogs, Labrador Retriever mixes, on the property. One dog was shot, the other ran out the now unlatched gate and was thankfully found later.

Merced Police Kill Loose Dog

rniaMerced, California
Police shoot a dog who had attacked a man the owner claims was tresspassing. The dog was killed. The man is in the hospital. One report states the dog rammed through a fence and attacked the man. Another claims the man was entering the property (and this is according to the owner).