Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family of Slain Dog File Lawsuit in Commerce City

Commerce City, Colorado

In February, while responding to an accidental 911 call, an officer encountered a 35-lb mixed breed dog barking at her. She claims the dog began charging her, at which point she shot the dog in the head, killing the dog.

Now, the family is filing a  federal lawsuit in the hopes of preventing a similar tragedy.

August 2010 - Catoosa Police Shoot Loose Dog

Catoosa, Oklahoma

A 2-yr-old Boxer was shot and killed after she escaped from her yard and chased people. When police arrived, the deputy exited the car and was charged at by the dog. Instead of getting back into his car, the officer discharged his weapon. While the dog was shot, the officer waited for animal control to confiscate the dog and eventually euthanize her.

August 2010 - Prince George Sherriff Kill Dog During Eviction Notice

Prince George County, Maryland

A woman in Forest Heights lost her dog when officers served an eviction notice, even though she was already moving her stuff and even though officers knew a dog was on the premises. The dog, described as a Rottweiler, was inside the home - it is unclear whether the dog was in the basement or if the officer entered the basement.

When the dog charged, the officer shot and killed him.

August 2010 - Sioux Falls Police Shoot Dog

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Police were called to deal with a loose dog described as a Pit Bull. The dog had attacked three other animals. When the dog charged at the officer, he was shot and killed.

August 2010 - Racine Police Shoot Charging Dog

Racine, Wisconsin

Police were called out on a report of a loose dog that chased people. The dog, described as a Pit Bull, eventually charged at the officer and a person trying to contain the dog. This occurred when the officer approached the dog on his own property. The dog was killed.

August 2010 - Niagara Falls Police Kill Dog During Drug Raid

Niagara Falls, New York

Police executing a drug raid shot and killed a large dog, described as a Pit Bull.

August 2010- Off-duty Police Officer Shoots Dog at Dog Park

Ann Arundel County, Maryland

An off-duty police officer brought his leashed German Shepherd to a dog park (off-leash). A Husky began playing with the dog. At some point, the officer felt the dogs were playing too rough and called for the Husky's owner (actually brother of owner) to grab the dog. As the man made his way towards the dog, the officer withdrew his weapon and shot the Husky, killing him.

Normally, charges are not laid against police officers, on or off duty. But national coverage and public pressure have resulted in charges being filed - one for animal cruelty and another for discharging a weapon in a public place (which carries a stiffer penalty than animal cruelty).

August 2010 - Whitley County Animal Control Shoots Non-Aggressive Dog

Whitley County, Kentucky

Employees at a pharmacy contacted animal control hoping they would come out and rescue a Great Pyrenees stray who lacked a home and shelter from the rain. Animal control arrived, found the dog under a garbage bin and contacted police.

Pharmacy employees had been caring for the dog. They wanted to make sure he found a good home. When animal control arrived, at least one employee approached the animal control officer and police officer, letting them know that if they planned on shooting the dog, they would adopt him. They offered to pay any fines for a loose dog.

Instead of trying to catch the dog or hand custody over to the offered home, the animal control officer discharged his shotgun. He shot the dog once, missed, shot him again, causing unnecessary suffering, then shot the dog again. He did not make any effort to communicate with the employees or police officer, loaded up the dog and drove off.

Apparently, he will receive "disciplinary" actions which should include getting fired but won't.

August 2010 - Yuma Police Kill Aggressive Dog

Yuma, California

A loose dog, described as a Pit Bull, was shot and killed after biting an officer and charging the officer a second time. The dog had been loose for awhile but no residents had contacted authorities, even though the dog had acted aggressively before.

The story also mentions a 2009 case involving a dog described as a Labrador Retriever being killed after attacking an officer.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 2010 - Dayton Police Shoot Dog in Filthy House

Dayton, Ohio

A mixed breed dog was shot and killed after officers found the dog and another dog in a filthy house. The dog acted aggressively when officers entered the property. Not sure what happened to the second dog.

August 2010 - Stroudsburg Officers Shoot Two Loose Dogs

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Two mixed breed dogs were running loose. They attacked several cats and a deer. Officers were dispatched to find the dogs. It is unclear what provoked at least one of the shootings. One dog was shot when s/he charged at an officer but nothing is said about why the other dog was shot.

The dogs were taken to a veterinarian where it was determined they could not be saved. They were euthanized humanely.

August 2010 - Chicago Police Shoot Dog During Search Warrant

Chicago, Illinois

A mixed breed dog was shot non-fatally during a search warrant execution in Chicago. When officers entered the property, the dog became territorial and aggressive. Thus, he was shot. The dog was taken to a local shelter.

August 2010 - Sand Springs Officer Shoots Dog on Driveway

Sand Springs, Oklahoma

A mixed breed dog was reported running loose. The dog was normally chained. When an officer arrived, he followed the dog back home. The dog was loose on the driveway, barking. The owner of the dog came out and said she would get something to restrain the dog with (instead of just bringing the dog inside). When she went into the house, the dog charged the officer and was shot at twice. The dog was hit at least once and survived.

July 2010 Police Kills Chained Dog During Chase

Charlotte, North Carolina - An officer chasing down a drug suspect was attacked by a chained Pit Bull. The chain permitted the dog access to an adjacent property. The officer shot the dog who was biting him. Another Pit Bull was chained nearby. That dog was not shot. The officer suffered a bite wound but will recover.

June 2010 - Police Kill Dog in Washington Maryland

Washington, Maryland - Police serving a warrant for a man who hadn't lived at the property in more than 12 years ended up killing a confined, mixed breed dog. The owner of the property (grandmother to the "suspect") asked to put her dog in the backyard or bathroom. Officers told her the bathroom was fine. She complied by restraining the dog properly in the bathroom. At some point, an officer I can only describe as an idiot opened the bathroom door. When the dog barked, the officer shot the dog, killing the 13-yr-old dog.

Nothing of interest was found at the house.

June 2010 - La Grange Police Shoot Restrained, Non-Aggressive Dog

LaGrange, Missouri - For little more than an hour, police harassed and chased down a loose Pit Bull. About 10 minutes of the "chase" is caught on police video. It shows a dog who is calm, not moving and only becomes agitated when police pursue her aggressively. At some point, the dog is on a catch pole. This means the dog is restrained and can now be safely placed in an animal control vehicle or the back of a police cruiser with appropriate protection.

Instead, the officer shoots the dog once. She goes down but is screaming and still conscious. He finally shoots her again and kills her. The dog was a beloved pet. She did not bite anyone.

June 2010 - Loose Dog Shot and Killed in Cheyenne Wyoming

Cheyenne, Wyoming - A loose dog who did not bite anyone but acted aggressive/territorial while being pursued by officers was shot and killed.

June 2010 - Toronto Police Taser Dog

Officers in Toronto busted down a door and entered a person's home in search of firearms. The resident had a dog who was being restrained by the owner. The dog was acting territorial. Officers demanded the owner release the dog. When he did, the dog was tasered. The man accuses police of beating him up afterwards.

No firearms were found. They did find a small amount of pot, a flick knife and a baton.

June 2010 - Police Shoot Baltimore Pit Bull

A loose dog identified as a Pit Bull was being harassed and annoyed by several teenagers. The dog finally bit one of them. When police arrived, they found a group of teenage boys and the loose dog. The dog was "attacking them". An officer pulled out a weapon and shot the dog. The bullet either passed through the dog or ricocheted and hit one of the idiot teenagers.

June 2010 - Loose Pit Bull Killed

Portland, Oregon police shoot a dog identified as a Pit Bull to death after the dog bit a man and a woman. The dog was running loose and caused minor injuries. The dog did not bite the officer. The dog was killed.