Friday, April 17, 2009

Chained dog shot in neck while fighting police dog

A dog chained in a backyard was shot point-blank in the neck after engaging in a fight with a police dog. Both dogs were fighting when the officer decided to bust out his weapon and shoot the chained dog in the neck. He wasn't a great shot and the bullet caused more of a graze wound than anything. The police dog suffered a punctured snout.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dog shot 13 times for coming up the stairs

Youngstown, Ohio police shot a 42-lb dog 13, yes THIRTEEN, times while in pursuit of a juvenile suspect. The dog was in the basement when one of the suspects (the son of the residents but not living at the home at the time) ran down into the basement. Three officers pursued the juvenile and, when they opened the door, the 7-mos-old puppy came up the stairs.

While the dog was prostrate on the ground, he pumped another 5 bullets into the dog. And finally, he placed the gun inches from the top of the wounded, dying dog's head and blew her brains out.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dog killed during drug raid

A dog was shot and killed during the execution of a drug raid that yielded 10 g of cocaine and some xanax pills. Guy was a real class act jerk, sounds like.

Ector county sheriff responds to dog shooting accusations

Here's the story: Ector County deputy enters a property through an open gate, even though he saw a dog on the property. When the dog charged him, the deputy shot the dog. The dog was still on her property and, technically, the officer did not have permission to be present on the dog owner's property.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dog shot dead after owner refused to put the dog away

Sad end for a dog doing his canine duty by protecting his turf. A mixed breed dog was shot five times by an Orlando police officer after the owner refused police orders to safely confine the dog.

Police officer shoots dog in face, isn't sure he hit dog

A Greensboro police officer shot a mixed breed dog in the face after she charged him. The dog belonged to a man who called police after seeing a ladder get stolen. Police arrived and even though the dog was visible on the porch sleeping, an officer still attempted to approach. The dog got up and did charge at the officer, barking.

In perhaps the most detailed news article I have ever seen (Washington Post article on the Prince George shooting excepted), the author details every single iota of information that paints the officer as a bumbling fool who disregarded obvious warning signs and randomly shot his gun at a beloved family pet (while also saying that it would have been okay if the dog was a pit bull or rottweiler in front of a drug house, oh the hypocrisy).

Police officer shoots dog who attacks him during drug raid

A Sikeston officer is recovering from wounds suffered when a boxer-pit bull mix bit him on the arm during a drug arrest. The officer was able to push the dog away, but the dog lunged at him again. So,  he shot and killed the dog.