Sunday, March 27, 2011

Police Shoot Charging Dog, Owners Refuse to Let Officers Treat the Dog

March, 2011 - Calgary, Canada -

Officers responding to a noise disturbance in Calgary were faced with an aggressive dog, described as a Rottweiler. Officers requested the dog be put away but instead the door was opened and the dog was allowed out. The dog charged at officers and was shot. Injured, the dog ran back home. Officers then tried to negotiate the release of the dog so they could take him to a veterinarian, but the owner refused. Instead, when the dog finally died, they callously dumped the body outside the house. Nice.

Police Tranquilize Police Dog That Mauled His Handler

March, 2011 - Germany

A Giant Schnauzer turned on his handler, mauling him in a frenzied attack for more than 30 minutes. Witnesses finally alerted police who arrived. They were going to shoot the dog but were concerned about hitting their colleague, so they tranquilized the dog instead.

Police Kill The Dog of a Murder Victim

March, 2011 - Philadelphia -

Police entering the home of a murder victim were accosted by one of three dogs, described as PIt Bulls. The dog was shot and killed. The majority of the dogs - the other two - did not attempt to harm anyone and were taken to animal control.

Investigation is Launched in Shooting Death of Three Collared Pets

March, 2011, Saskatchewan -

Last year, three family pets got out of their property. They had collars and identification tags on them. When an animal control officer found them, in lieu of confiscating and holding the dogs for 72 hours, per province law, they were shot and dumped in the landfill. Their guardians persuaded police to investigate and hopefully file charges.

Police & Animal Control Decide to Kill Dog Who Killed Chickens

February, 2011, Michigan -

A dog described as a Husky escaped from her home and ended up killing four chickens and injuring two. When police and animal control arrived, they debated what to do with the dog. The dog was no longer harming any animals or persons but was running in a field. So obviously police shot and killed her.

Police Kill Loose Dog That Tried to Bite Him

February, 2011, North Carolina -

A dog described as a Shepherd Mix was running loose when he attacked a teenage male. Police arrived and the dog attempted to bite one of the officers. He shot and killed the dog.

Dog Killed Trying to Guard Her Unconscious Guardian

February, 2011 -

A man is upset after his dog, a 10-yr-old pet described as an American Staffordshire Terrier, was shot twice and killed by Canadian police. The dog threatened paramedics and officers who responded to a call about her owner being unconscious, from a seizure. While the guardian understands they needed to rescue him, he is concerned that his dog was shot once, then shot a second time even though she posed no threat, and that alternatives were not used. The man's other dog did not interfere.

Dog Killed While Restrained, After Biting Infant

February, 2011 -

A dog described as a Pit Bull was shot and killed by police, even though the dog was apparently restrained. The dog had bitten an infant and two other people.