Thursday, September 23, 2010

September 2010: Police Kill Loose Dog

Thibodaux, Louisiana

A loose mastiff was shot and killed by police. The dog did not bite anyone.

September 2010: Police Kill Two Leashed Dogs

An old blind dog was loose and approached two leashed dogs. The blind dog began a fight which ended up involving all three dogs. Remember, the two dogs were leashed. An officer shot and killed the two leashed - LEASHED - dogs. The dead dogs are described as a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and a Rottweiler.

September 2010: Police Throw Dog Down Stairwell, Shoot Him

Two leashed dogs got into a scuffle at a festival. The larger dog, a Pit Bull Mix, became agitated and his foster guardians was having a difficult time calming him down. When police arrived, they shoved the owner away and manhandled the dog (you can see the picture with the dog under control). Instead of lassoing, catch-poling, tasering, leashing, throwing into the back of a car, the officer picked up the dog, flung him down a flight of stairs, and shot him multiple times, killing the dog. Go team, New York!

September 2010: Police Shoot Dog For Barking

A dog was in his driveway, barking at officers when he was shot and killed. The owner of the dog was nearby and was never given an opportunity to grab the dog. The dog was described as a 5-yr-old Pit Bull.

September 2010: Police Kill Dog Defending Property

Police were pursuing a robbery suspect. They chased the suspect into a home where a dog described as a Pit Bull rightfully freaked out and bit one of the officers. In response, the dog was shot and killed.

September 2010: Police Kills Dog For Jumping On Him

A 4-yr-old dog described as a Pit Bull was shot and killed after jumping on an officer. No one has had problems with the woman's dogs. The dog is only described as a jumping on the officer, not attempting to bite.

September 2010: Police Kill Aggressive Dog

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

A dog described as a Pit Bull jumped over a fence and attacked another dog. A deputy attempted to intervene with a taser, but the dog became more agitated. At that point, the dog was shot and killed.

June 2010: Officer Kills Friendly Neighborhood Dog For Looking Sick

A 15-yr-old mutt who was an icon of a local neighborhood was shot four times in the head because an officer thought the dog was "suffering". The dog had a benign tumor on his neck.

Normally, if you think a dog is suffering, and you're not sure if the dog might have a guardian or family who cares about them, you take the dog to a vet, not plug him full of bullets.

Oh yeah, afterward, they threw the dog's body in the trash. Nice.

September 2010: Police Kill Dog on Property During Chase

Lexington, Kentucky

Goodness forbid any dog be able to lounge in his backyard without having to worry about being shot by police.

A dog described as a Rottweiler was in his backyard doing dog things when a juvenile suspect entered the yard, followed by a police officer. The dog, doing what dogs on their own property do, bit the officer's uniform. This was such an egregious offense that the dog was shot and killed.

Here's a better article. The dog was TEN years old and had been a family pet since puppyhood. The dog was shot SIX times.

September 2010: Crazy Cop in Detroit Shoots AT Dog 12 Times, Hits People Instead

Detroit, Michigan

Flabbergasting. So there's this chop shop guarded by three dogs described as Pit Bulls. Police wisely call in the humane society to deal with the dogs. The officers are doing fine, setting traps and getting the dogs secure when one gets loose. The dog is merely running away, but apparently one cop thinks the dog is such a threat that she shoots AT the dog TWELVE times.

She doesn't manage to hit the dog so far as anyone can tell, but she does shoot the humane society officer twice and shoots the boot of his co-worker.

September 2010: Dog Confused for a Coy-Dog is Killed

Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

Coy-dog crosses are not common. For whatever reason, folks in Aliquippa think they are. There were two sightings of not one, but TWO alleged coy-dogs. These were most likely dogs.

In one case, a woman called to say a coyote, actually described as an Akita mix, was chasing and trying to bite her.

Police arrived. They stated the dog wasn't lunging. It was not trying to bite anyone. For all intents and purposes, it was not acting dangerous. But they shot the dog anyways, calling it a "euthanasia".

September 2010: Calgary Police Kill loose Dog

A dog described as a Rottweiler was running loose, and had bitten at least one woman.

When police arrived, the dog charged and was shot and killed.

Police Shoot Dog With Assault Rifle

During a stand-off, a dog described as a Rottweiler was loose. In a brilliant stroke, the deputy at the scene got a noose around the dog and asked the dog's owner, who the dog was protecting, to hold her. This was the less brilliant stroke. The deputy had a chance to place the woman and the dog in the back of his cruiser instead of allowing the dog to still be loose. When the dog became more agitated, again, there was an opportunity to put the dog into a vehicle. Instead, the situation escalated, the dog broke from the rope, and the man shot her three times, killing her.

August 2010 - Westland Police Shoot and Kill Dog

Westland, Michigan

A dog described as a Pit Bull was running loose when the dog bit a woman. Another dog described as a Pit Bull was present but was not involved in the attack. The attacking dog was shot and killed by police. The other dog was able to run away.

August 2010 - Oroville Police Shoot Loose Dog

Oroville, California

A dog described as a Pit Bull was running loose when the dog attacked a young girl. The dog bit two other people. When police arrived, they attempted to noose and corral the dog but failed. When the dog charged an officer, he was shot.