Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lancaster police shoot dog trotting toward him

ANYWAYS, so we have two dogs who are being let off leash in a field with their owner present. A police officer drives by and notices the dogs. He doesn't bother with them until he notices other people near by and that the owner doesn't pick up his dog's poop. So, officer gets out of cruiser and approaches, asking the owner to put leash his dogs. The owner is leashing one when the other trots over to the officer. The officer screams for the man to leash his dog but doesn't give the owner any time to call him or leash the dog. When the dog gets within 10-feet, the officer draws his gun and shoots the dog in the head. Dog survives.

A witness driving by says that dog did not appear dangerous but appeared friendly and calm. The owner claims that the dog didn't run but trotted. Both the owner and witness wonder why the officer didn't just calmly walk back to his cruiser which was mere feet away.

Or why he didn't let the owner run over and leash his dog.

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