Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ottawa Man Sues After Being Shot During Raid

Date: 2009
Ottawa, Canada

In 2009, a drug raid occurred at a man's home. The man was handcuffed and on the ground when his dog, a Pit Bull (or Staffordshire Bull Terrier?) barked. An officer then randomly shot at the dog, even though the dog was standing directly next to his guardian. The bullet hit the dog and then the man, causing extensive damage and nearly killing him.

The officer was cleared of any wrongdoing for shooting at a nonviolent, barking dog directly next to a prone, handcuffed man. This was after self-investigation by the Ottawa police department!

He is now suing; no word on what happened to the dog. The drug charges were withdrawn too.

Passaic, NJ Police Shoot German Shepherd Instead of Waiting for Animal Control

Date: June, 2011
Location: Passaic, New Jersey

A loose German Shepherd was shot multiple times, but survived, after the dog was cornered and - like many dogs cornered - lunged at officers. The dog had not bitten anyone. The dog is expected to survive.

Temecula Police Shoot and Kill Large Dog During Drug Raid

Date: June, 2011
Temecula, California

A large guard dog was shot and killed during a drug raid in Temecula, CA.

The dispensary provided medicinal marijuana to, you know, dying people and stuff.

Campbell County Animal Control Shoots and Kills Knoxville Police K-9

A Knoxville Police K-9 is dead after being shot and killed by another county's animal control officer. The dog, a Belgian Malinois, escaped after a storm and was running loose when he attacked a woman. When animal control arrived, the dog was acting aggressively and was subsequently shot and killed.

Knoxville police are investigating the incident.

Just in case you think this was a bite and leave incident, wrong. The elderly woman was getting out of her car when the dog approached. She yelled at the dog to leave, and at that point he began biting her. The dog bit her multiple times and only stopped the attack when the woman's husband beat the dog off with a stick. She was bit about 15 times.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

No Charges Against Colorado Officer Who Killed Pet

The officer who shot and killed 4-yr-old German Shepherd Ava after entering her yard will not face any criminal charges.

Oakridge Tase, Then Shoot to Death Dog in Oregon

Oakridge, Oregon

There is lots of blame going around in a shooting death of a woman's dog, described as a Pit Bull.

The woman has a problem properly confining her dogs and this dog had gotten out before. The week prior, officers had responded to a call of the loose dog, and had to taser the dog.

When officers responded a week later to the dog running around (not eating anyone but acting aggressively), they arrived on scene and immediately tasered the dog. Even though the dog was immobilized and no longer a threat, officers shot the dog, killing him. Even the neighbors who didn't really like the woman or dog thought it was an extreme response to a prone, non-threatening dog.

Newark Police Shoot Injured Cat, Another Shooting Involved Dog

A Newark police officer shot a cat who had been injured by a car in lieu of transporting the animal to a veterinarian.

In the second instance, the parents of a dog bite victim notified the on-scene officer that a dog, sitting on a porch, was friendly. As the officer looked for the other dog who had bitten the child, the "friendly" porch dog followed him down the alley-way cornering him. The dog did not attempt to lunge or bite but did growl. This was such a significant threat that the officer fired a shot at the dog, hitting him/her. In lieu of getting the dog to a veterinarian, the officer proceeded to kill the dog. The dog, by the way, is described as a Labrador Retriever mix and in this linked article, he is described as shooting the dog 6 times, not just twice.

The Chief of police wrote that article and "stands by" his pet-shooting officers!

Charleston, SC Officer Kills Family Dog

Date: May 25, 2011
Location: Charleston, South Carolina

An officer responding to a dispute call at a home arrived to find one or more German Shepherds loose. According to the owner of the dogs, she asked the officer to wait while she put her dogs away. He got out of the vehicle and one of the dogs apparently charged. He shot the dog in the head, killing him. A veterinarian, not an expert on bullet trajectory, feels the shooting was not in mid-charge.