Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baltimore police kill dog during warrant, find nothing

Baltimore police were issued a warrant to search a house. In lieu of knocking, they kicked in the door and started shooting at a large dog in the house. The dog actually ran upstairs to avoid police where she was followed and shot several more times. The dog died. She was shot in front of screaming children and the homeowners.

The warrant was issued to try and find marijuana. Yes, pot. Maybe weapons.

Police completely trashed the house for nothing. No drugs. No weapons. Zero indication that these people were violating any laws.

Beside killing their pet, police left the police in shambles. It is unlikely the police department or city will reimburse this family for the damage - they *might* reimburse them for the destroyed door. It's doubtful that an apology will be issued....that might imply, you know, that police did something wrong (like breaking into a home w/o any drugs or weapons).

I mean, just imagine it -you're sitting at home with your kids, your dog by your feet. All of a sudden, armed invaders kick in your door. You pause, frightened and confused. Your dog jumps up, maybe barks in alarm. Your kids start crying. Then, before you can even ask a question, these armed intruders aim their weapons at your barking dog and shoot. More than that, they follow the frightened animal where she has tried to escape to nurse her bullet wounds and they continue to shoot her until dead. And they're the police, the ones who are supposed to be protecting you from bullet wounds and vandalism. Scary stuff.

Now, maybe I'm missing something here and these people are really crappy folks. I'd be surprised to find that out, though. I'd be especially surprised to learn that shooting a dog while she ran away is okay.

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