Sunday, June 14, 2009

Macon police shoot loose dog

Someone calls police who arrive and start talking to the caller. Randomly, the woman turns around and is running while being chased by a dog. I don't really get that - if you're standing with two police officers and a dog approaches, why do you immediately run away? That's asking to be chased. Anyway, she gets chased by the dog and then the dog runs away into a house. The dog comes back out of the house and approaches officers.

The dog was yelled at and stopped but then lunged at one of the officers who shot it. The dog ran back to his home but kept coming back out and lunging at pedestrians. At one point the dog and another dog attacked a man in an alley. When police arrived at the scene, the shot dog lunged again and was shot fatally in the head. The other dog was confiscated.

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