Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 2010: Des Moines Washington Police Kill Dog Hiding in Bush

Des Moines, washington

A Newfoundland escaped from her backyard for the first time in two years. Neighbors reported she was running loose and called police. Officers arrived and felt she was a severe threat to public safety. This was due to her running away from them and sometimes barking. So then when she entered a secure yard, instead of shutting the gate and waiting for her to calm down, they cornered her in a bush and shot her four times.

November 2010: Fayatteville Officer Shoots Dog Instead of Shutting Gate Door


A juvenile dog described as a Rottweiler was left in his backyard and dug out. The dog was running loose and frightened a woman, causing her to lock herself up in her car. A police officer arrived, distracting the dog with his vehicle. When he got out of his patrol car, the dog charged him but then ran into a yard. Instead of shutting the gate, he started to talk with the woman in the car. The dog came back out and I don't know, did what he was doing before, and he was shot twice and killed.

November 2010: Canadian Police Use Taser to Subdue Dog

British Columbia

A dog described as a German Shepherd was apparently accidentally left at a gas station by his owner. The dog started wandering around and became agitated and aggressive, attacking/scratching several people. He bit an animal control officer as well. Instead of deploying lethal weapons, officers decided to use a taser and shocked the animal twice before subduing him. The owner then came back and, well, gee golly, they just handed the dog over to him.

November 2010: UK Officers Kill Aggressive Dog

United Kingdom

A woman was walking a friend's American Bulldog when at some point, the dog began attacking her, causing significant wounds. While paramedics stabilized the woman, the dog was let loose, dragging his leash in a busy area. Officers arrived and tasered him, and he died en route to a shelter where he was going to be "put down".

November 2010: UK Officers Shoot Dead Two Dogs

United Kingdom

Five dogs described as looking like Staffordshire Bull Terriers were running loose when at least one nipped a 17-yr-old child. Panic ensued and police were called. Two of the dogs were shot dead, the other three were rounded up by rangers.

Friday, November 5, 2010

October 2010: Loose Dog Shot

Halifax, Canada

A dog was broke free from his chain was walking around on Halloween. The dog was "walking aggressively" but only acted aggressively when officers intervened. The dog lunged at one officer and was then shot and killed. The dog is described as a Rottweiler-Mastiff mix.

October 2010: Boston Police Shoot Dog Who Jumped On Girl

Boston, Massachusetts

A dog described as a Pit Bull rushed out of a house and chased after the one girl who ran away (there was a crowd of kids, no one else ran). The dog jumped on her and that was it. The dog backed away and before the owner, who was present, could corral the dog, police shot the dog multiple times, killing him. The dog did not bite the child.

October 2010: Ontario Police Shoot Dog in Car

Waterloo, Ontario

A Pit Bull, banned in Ontario since 2005, was shot three times and killed during a traffic stop. The dog was enclosed in the back of the vehicle when the dog bit one of the officers. Thankfully, the wounds were minor.