Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Santa Cruz Police Shoot Charging Dog

Santa Cruz, California
May, 2011

Breed: Rottweiler cross

Santa Cruz police were attempting to arrest a violent parolee offender when a dog approached them aggressively. Officers asked the guardian to control their dog but they refused.

The dog was subsequently shot and killed.

Erie Police Shoot and Kill Dog On Her Property

Erie, Colorado
May, 2011

Breed; German Shepherd

An officer in Erie, Colorado responding to a harassment call, entered the wrong side yard and ended up shooting and killing a 4-yr-old German Shepherd named Ava.

The dog growled. Obviously an epic danger.

Australian Police Kill Dog

White Rock, Australia
May, 2011

Breed: Unknown

Self-investigation will happen after police shot a dog while looking for “illegal activity” at a home with a history of law violations. The dog apparently attacked police in the backyard and so they shot the dog multiple times with one neighbor hearing at least nine shots fired.

Alabama Police Officer Tries Various Techniques Before Shooting Dog

Gadsden, Alabama
May, 2011

Breed: Unknown

Two dogs were running loose and one of them had a bad attitude. The dog began biting at a child (who sounds like received wounds but hopefully none of them significant).

An officer patrolling in the area heard the screams of the children and ran to the scene. He positioned himself between the dog and victims, getting them to safety. The dog became agitated and aggressive towards the officer who kindly refrained from immediately shooting the dog, instead fighting him off with his baton while calling animal control. This guy is pretty amazing, because he can multi-task under stress.

It was only after the dog really became super agro and tried to eat the officer did he open fire, eventually killing the dog.

Holly Police Shoot Large Dog for Growling

Holly, Michigan
May, 2011

Breed: Unknown, large dog

Two officers were investigating an assault when a neighbor’s large dog approached them, apparently showing its pearly whites and asking them to leave, please, with growls.

The officers yelled at the owner of the dog to contain him but the owner was apparently too busy being an asshole to comply.

So instead the poor dog was shot when he charged. The officers helped get the dog to a vet but the dog was not salvageable and later died.

Dog Kill Dog Who Boarded Bus and Bit Children

Prince George County, Maryland
May, 2011

Breed; American Bulldog, erroneously reported as a Pit Bull

A dog somehow got onto a bus and bit a few students, thankfully only resulting in minor injuries. Police arrived, felt they could not contain the dog, shot him three times and as he lay dying, shot him a fourth time to kill him.