Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lorain Police Shoot and Kill Chained Dog

July, 2011
Lorain, Ohio
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FOr some reason, officers were called to remove a chained dog from under a truck. The dog was lured out with dog biscuits but instead of grabbing the chain, the officer grabbed the dog's collar. The dog bit him once. The officer then shot him twice, killing the dog.

Lubbock TX Family Considering Lawsuit After Pet Killed

July, 2011
Location: Lubbock, TX
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A St. Bernard was shot and killed by Lubbock police. The dog's owner had accidentally kicked down a gate in his pursuit of armed invaders who had attempted to steal his wallet. Instead of, you know, just giving him the wallet, the guy started chasing the men with guns. Unfortunately, his dog was able to get out so that when police arrived, they were faced with a very large dog charging/running toward them.

THe officer shot the dog in the head, killing him. He was shot in front of the victim's child and wife.

Winston-Salem POlice Shoot Attacking Dog

Date: July, 2011
Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
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Officers pursuing suspects involved in a triple homicide and robbery encountered a loose dog who was a guard dog in an unfenced yard. The dog was not properly restrained and attempted to attack an officer. The officer dispatched his weapon and killed the dog. The dog was a fuzzy mixed breed.

Midlothian Police Shoot Confined Dog

Date: July, 2011
Location: Midlothian, Illinois
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A dog described as either a Pit Bull or Bull Mastiff was shot multiple times, ran away and probably died in pain and misery somewhere else courtesy of Midlothian Police.

The dog has been a stray, fed by locals, and considered friendly or at least not aggressive by neighbors.

The dog had been running loose and police were called. An officer came out and was able to get the dog into a yard before he was called away on an emergency. In an amazing move, he left a handwritten note on the home owner's door saying, yo left a big brown dog in your yard. The dog did not belong to the homeowner, although he knew who the dog was (a stray).

Police came later and almost immediately shot the dog three times, claiming he was aggressive. The dog, shot once in the head and twice in the ribs, clawed his way out to escape the people shooting him and ran off. He probably did not survive.

None of the neighbors appear pleased with the decision to shoot the dog.

Why The Public Shouldn't Try And Shoot Dogs

A woman aiming at a dog, described as a Pit BUll puppy, being held by someone, shot the puppy and ended up shooting her husband. He died.

THe dog did not hurt anyone. Everyone was safe. The dog was confined and secure. The woman is certifiable.

You can see the 8-mos-old dog here who was shot in the leg.

I mean, seriously, this dog was so dangerous that the neighborhood children said there wasn't an attack and the victim picked the dog up. The woman was so nuts that she shot the dog while she was being held by her husband. I mean, who does that? Except someone who secretly hates their husband, right?

ALso, don't name a dog Cocaine. Period. Idiots.

Animal Control Shoots Two Dogs On Their Property

Date: July 2011
Location: St. Clair, Alabama
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Epic fail on so many accounts. Just read the article. Basic summary: Two dogs who were safely confined on Animal Control property and who several officers both police and animal control deemed NOT DANGEROUS were shot because, like other animal control agencies, spending time putting out a trap or finding an alternative to a prolonged rescue is just too time consuming. Rest in peace, mixed breed dogs.

Tomah Police Shoot Dog, Jerk of An Owner Lets Dog Get Shot Again

Date: July, 2011
Location: Tomah, Wisconsin
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A dog described as a mixed-breed escaped his home and "tried" to bite two children but did not actually bite them. Police arrived and pepper-sprayed the dog. When the dog "bared his teeth", the obvious recourse was to shoot him. The dog went back into his home. The caregiver of the dog (he actually belonged to the dude's nephew) refused to give medical treatment to the dog. So again, the obvious action was not to sedate, catch pole, call animal control for the dog, it was to go in and shoot the dog again until he died. Nice.

Praze UK Police Shoot and Kill Dog

Date: July, 2011
Location: Praze, UK
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A dog described as a German Shepherd was shot and killed by police. The dog was running loose, worrying sheep, and menacing people.

Police claim they "came under attack". So obviously they shot and killed the dog.

Pearl Police Shoot and Kill Family's Loose Pet

Date: July, 2011
Location: Pearl, Mississippi
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Two dogs got out of a yard. They are described as Pit Bulls. A woman called police after the two loose dogs killed her loose cat (double standard for the fail). Police arrived and claim the male dog "charged" at them, obviously requiring a bullet to the head. The female dog was not shot but for some odd reason, the family was conned into giving up the dog by authorities.

Fort Mill Police ThinK With Guns, Not Brains

Date: July, 2011
Location: Fort Mill, South Carolina
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A dog described as an American Bulldog or Pit Bull was running loose. The dog got in a fight with another chained dog and menaced people. Police arrived and the dog entered a yard. Instead of blocking the hole in which the dog entered to, you know, confine the dog, police apparently milled around.

When the dog got back out of the hole and charged the officers, he was shot and killed.

Memphis SWAT Shoot Guard Dog

Date: July, 2011
Location: Memphis, TN
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Not much information to go on, except that SWAT shot and killed a "guard dog" of unknown breed and unknown circumstances.

Unknown if the dog survived.

St. John, CA Police Shoot Dog

Date: July, 2011
Location: St. John, New Brunswick, Canada
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Three dogs described as Cane Corso's escaped from a basement window, attacking multiple people. One of the dogs was shot by police. Despite the size of the dogs and the fear they inspired, the dogs caused minor injuries.

The breed is NOT a cross between a Pit Bull and a Mastiff, despite what the person in the article stated. This breed predates the American Pit Bull Terrier by a lot.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Charleston Police Shoot Dog

June, 2011
Charleston, Rhode Island

An officer looking for a stray horse encountered a dog described as a German Shepherd. The dog was on his property and charged at the officer. The officer shot at the dog three times, hitting him twice and killing him. The officer was injured during a fall but will be okay.

The dog has a history of aggression and has bitten before. The owner of the dog also has been investigated multiple times regarding a draft horse in his custody.

The owner claims the dog was chained at the time of the shooting.

Syracuse Police Kill a Cornered Dog

A dog described as a Pit Bull was fatally shot after police cornered the dog and he, you know, growled at them.

The officers had been responding to a call and knocked on a door. Police claim they asked the homeowners to control the dog; the homeowner's claim police did not give them any time to do so. The dog got out onto the porch and was barking. SO obviously the police had to shoot him!

In 2009, Syracuse police shot at least one dog when they were responding to a tripped burglary alarm.

Shelbyville Police Shoot Dog Dead

A Labrador Retriever was shot and killed by police after they claim she became "aggressive" when they entered her property investigating a burglary alarm.

When asked why the officer didn't try pepper spray or a taser:

"Yes, there are options that he had available on his belt but, it takes longer to retrieve those pieces of equipment," said Sheriff Armstrong.

What, do Shelbyville police wear some freakishly weird utility belt that doesn't allow them semi-equal access to all their equipment?