Sunday, May 9, 2010

Durham Police Shoot And Kill Loose Aggressive Dog

An Australian Shepherd running loose was shot and killed by police. The dog acted aggressively and maybe someone was bitten.

Columbia SWAT Kill Barking Dog

A SWAT team was used to enter a home and confiscate a small amount of marijuana. In the process, a barking dog was killed and another dog wounded. There is video, and you can hear the dog bark, then scream in pain and agony as she is shot. No officer can be heard yelling at the dog - you hear a couple barks, then an immediate gun shot, followed by screaming, then more gunshots to kill the dog.

A child was present.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Oklahoma City Police Shoot Dog, Hit Man As Well

Police have a history of visiting the house where a dog was shot and a man injured from ricocheting bullet fragments. The dog ran out towards two police officers, on accident. The owner of the dog ran after her, yelling that she was friendly and not to shoot her.

Instead, they shot her multiple times. Mere feet from the owner, who was struck in the chest with a bullet fragment. The dog was later euthanized due to the extent of her injuries.

Concord, North Carolina Police Shoot Dog Because She Couldn't Be Caught

Officers in Concord, North Carolina chose to fatally shoot a dog because they didn't want to spend any more time chasing her. She was not acting aggressively. She had not bitten anyone or menaced anyone. Verbal and written witness statements claims she was not a threat and that the deputy shot her while she ran from him.

The owner of the dog arrived soon after his dog had been killed. He videotaped himself asking the shooting officer about the dog. In it, the officer says he didn't want to spend three hours chasing a dog. So instead, he shot and killed a nonviolent, family pet.

Santa Rosa Police Shoots and Kills an Attacking Dog

A 5-yr-old Cane Corso with a history of aggression began attacking his owner. At some point, the man was able to call 911 during the attack. Police arrived and felt their only option to end the attack by the large dog was to shoot the dog. The dog was shot twice, ran to his kennel and died.

The dog was licensed and up to date on vaccines.

Cleveland Police Shoot Dog During Arrest Warrant

Cleveland police were responding to a disturbance call. When they checked up on the address, they found that a resident at the address was wanted for aggravated murder charges. They ordered the man to come out. Another resident opened the back door and allowed the resident Pit Bull to run out. The dog was shot three times and survived.

Berwyn Police Shoot Cornered Dogs

Two Pit Bulls were loose. Police were called. The dogs were cornered and, at some point, one of the dogs charged. It is unclear whether the dog was just trying to escape the officers or reacting out of fear from being cornered. The dog was shot twice and is currently being treated by a veterinarian. Or is dead. The article isn't exactly clear on that, either.

Broward County Police Shoot and Kill Biting, Loose Dog

A loose Pit Bull, who had bitten one child and chased others, was eventually shot dead by Broward police officers. The dog did not bite the officer.

Canadian Police Shoot Dog On Dog's Property

A 9-mos-old dog with a habit of running loose with a pack and, unfortunately, mauling other animals was shot six times and eventually killed by a police officer. The dog was on her property, although the officer did not know that.

There were humans in the house near the shooting and the 12-yr-old daughter witnessed the shooting.

Salinas Police Shoot Loose Dog

A loose dog in Salinas, California who trapped a man in a truck was shot by police after the dog "advanced aggressively" but did not actually attack anyone.

The title of the article implies the dog attacked someone. He did not.