Friday, December 31, 2010

Dec 2010: Oxnard Police Shoot Dogs Chasing Them

Oxnard, CA - While serving a warrant for vandalism, the alleged suspect ran from police, leaving the gate open. Two dogs described as Pit Bulls ran out and charged the officer. One was killed, the other wounded.

Dec 2010:

Dorchester County, SC - Police responding to a domestic disturbance were attacked by a dog described as a Pit Bull. After the dog bit one officer, he aggressively approached another and was shot at three times, struck twice. The dog died. When the dog's owner became aggressive, police tasered him instead.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 2010: Des Moines Washington Police Kill Dog Hiding in Bush

Des Moines, washington

A Newfoundland escaped from her backyard for the first time in two years. Neighbors reported she was running loose and called police. Officers arrived and felt she was a severe threat to public safety. This was due to her running away from them and sometimes barking. So then when she entered a secure yard, instead of shutting the gate and waiting for her to calm down, they cornered her in a bush and shot her four times.

November 2010: Fayatteville Officer Shoots Dog Instead of Shutting Gate Door


A juvenile dog described as a Rottweiler was left in his backyard and dug out. The dog was running loose and frightened a woman, causing her to lock herself up in her car. A police officer arrived, distracting the dog with his vehicle. When he got out of his patrol car, the dog charged him but then ran into a yard. Instead of shutting the gate, he started to talk with the woman in the car. The dog came back out and I don't know, did what he was doing before, and he was shot twice and killed.

November 2010: Canadian Police Use Taser to Subdue Dog

British Columbia

A dog described as a German Shepherd was apparently accidentally left at a gas station by his owner. The dog started wandering around and became agitated and aggressive, attacking/scratching several people. He bit an animal control officer as well. Instead of deploying lethal weapons, officers decided to use a taser and shocked the animal twice before subduing him. The owner then came back and, well, gee golly, they just handed the dog over to him.

November 2010: UK Officers Kill Aggressive Dog

United Kingdom

A woman was walking a friend's American Bulldog when at some point, the dog began attacking her, causing significant wounds. While paramedics stabilized the woman, the dog was let loose, dragging his leash in a busy area. Officers arrived and tasered him, and he died en route to a shelter where he was going to be "put down".

November 2010: UK Officers Shoot Dead Two Dogs

United Kingdom

Five dogs described as looking like Staffordshire Bull Terriers were running loose when at least one nipped a 17-yr-old child. Panic ensued and police were called. Two of the dogs were shot dead, the other three were rounded up by rangers.

Friday, November 5, 2010

October 2010: Loose Dog Shot

Halifax, Canada

A dog was broke free from his chain was walking around on Halloween. The dog was "walking aggressively" but only acted aggressively when officers intervened. The dog lunged at one officer and was then shot and killed. The dog is described as a Rottweiler-Mastiff mix.

October 2010: Boston Police Shoot Dog Who Jumped On Girl

Boston, Massachusetts

A dog described as a Pit Bull rushed out of a house and chased after the one girl who ran away (there was a crowd of kids, no one else ran). The dog jumped on her and that was it. The dog backed away and before the owner, who was present, could corral the dog, police shot the dog multiple times, killing him. The dog did not bite the child.

October 2010: Ontario Police Shoot Dog in Car

Waterloo, Ontario

A Pit Bull, banned in Ontario since 2005, was shot three times and killed during a traffic stop. The dog was enclosed in the back of the vehicle when the dog bit one of the officers. Thankfully, the wounds were minor.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 2010: Lincoln Police Officer Shoots barking Dog

Lincoln, Nebraska

A dog got out of a car and was outside a convenience store. An officer approached and the dog barked at him, "showing teeth". And thus, the logical response to a barking dog (which, by necessity, shows teeth) is to fatally shoot the dog.

October 2010: Gilbert Police Shoot Attacking Dog

Gilbert, Arizona

A dog described as a Bloodhound was running loose. The dog attacked several people before police arrived. The dog attempted to attack them and was shot. The dog was euthanized at the request of the dog's owner at a veterinary clinic.

Phoenix Police Officer Charged With Murder & Cruelty to Animals

A mother in Phoenix called police to try and calm down her son, who was very upset. Richard Chrisman and another officer arrived.

The man asked to see a warrant. Chrisman proceeded to put his service weapon to the man's head, saying he didn't need a warrant. Chrisman tasered/stun gunned and pepper sprayed the man.

When one of the man's dogs barked at officer Chrisman, he shot and killed the dog. The other officer saw no reason to shoot the dog and did not see the puppy as a threat.

When the victim asked officers why they shot his dog, the other officer tried to calm him down and talked him into coming outside. The victim said he was going to leave on his bicycle. The other officer tried to block him from leaving. Chrisman and the victim got into a minor scuffle. Chrisman then proceeded to shoot the victim multiple times, killing him. 

He is now being charged with second-degree murder and cruelty to animals. 

Officer Chrisman is being terminated. He has a history of abusing his authority.

October 2010: Shelby Police Kill Dog

Shelby, North Carolina

Police were pursuing robbery suspects when they encountered a chained Boxer and Pit Bull. The Boxer, aged 13, broke her chain and nipped a police officer, creating a hole in his pants. The officer responded to ripped pants by shooting the dog dead. The Pit Bull did not attempt to attack anyone.

October 2010: Florida Police Shoot Loose Dog

Brevard County, Florida

Three dogs described as Pit Bulls were let loose from a person's backyard. The dogs were running loose and growled at a couple of people. Police were called.

One of the three dogs growled and charged at police. The dog was shot and killed. The other two dogs were returned to their owner.

October 2010: LA police Shoot Dog Serving a Warrant

Los Angeles, California

Two police officers serving a warrant were charged at by a dog. The dog did not bite anyone. Both officers shot at the dog. The dog survived.

October 2010: Texas Police Shoot Aggressive Dog

San Antonio, Texas

A dog described as a bull mastiff with a history of aggression severely mauled a woman. The dog belonged to her son. She was airlifted to the hospital and is expected to survive. The dog was so aggressive police had to shoot him.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

October 2010: Former deputy indicted for shooting death of dog

Llano, Texas

In August, a former deputy shot and killed a Pekingese who had wandered onto his property from his neighbor's yard. The dog was not acting aggressive nor posing a threat.

The officer has now been indicted on cruelty to animals.

October 2010: Portland Police Shoot Dog

Portland, Oregon

A man punched his girlfriend, causing significant bleeding. He was heavily intoxicated and thought he had killed the woman. So he called the police to report the "murder".

Police arrived to find two loose dogs, a Lab and a Pit Bull. The Pit Bull lunged at one of the officers and was shot. The dog was SO dangerous that he happily jumped into the back of a police cruiser for a personal trip to the vet hospital. He is expected to survive.

Oddly enough, no word on the victim - the assaulted woman.

October 2010: Phoenix officer kills unarmed man and barking puppy

Phoenix, Arizona

A mother called Phoenix police in an effort to calm her son down, who had been throwing things at a wall. When officers arrived, the son - unarmed - did not want to let officers into the trailer. One officer then put a gun to the son's head and said he didn't need a warrant to enter the trailer.

At some point, the son freaked out and resisted arrest, trying to get away from the dude who just shoved a gun to his temple.

A dog, described as a Boxer or Pit Bull, was shot and killed for barking. The other responding officer stated the dog was NOT a threat and was merely barking, not trying to attack.

The son got out of the trailer and a "scuffle" ensued between him and Officer Richard Chrisman. The fight ended and the victim was standing by a bicycle, unarmed, when Officer Chrisman shot him, causing fatal wounds.

Officer Chrisman is now being charged with aggravated assault and possibly murder.

October 2010: Roanoke Animal Control Officer Kills Loose Dog

Two dogs described as friendly by neighbors and friends got out of their yard and were running loose.

Animal control was called and the officer began chasing the dogs in his truck. When he got out of the truck, the dogs approached. For some unknown reason, the officer squatted down and spread his arms out. The dogs ran up to him and nipped him (no bite wounds were reported). When the dogs backed off, one charged again, and the animal control officer shot and killed him. The other dog is alive and unharmed.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October 2010: Oakland Police Kill Arthritic Dog

Oakland, California

An 11-yr-old Labrador Retriever named Gloria accidentally tripped the silent alarm at her home. Unfortunately, doing so, cost her her life.

When police arrived, they entered the backyard. The dog, who suffers from hip dysplasia and can't move very fast, barked at them. Barked. Like, woof, woof. She didn't try to bite or attack, she just talked.

For the HORROR of talking, Gloria was shot three times and killed.

But hey, officers were nice enough to leave a note on the door of her owner's home!

September 2010: Prince George County Strikes Again

Prince George County, Maryland

A man and his brothers were able to stop a carjacking with a shotgun. Police arrived to a rather chaotic scene. While everyone laid down on the ground, one man began to struggle.

The family's 5-yr-old Labrador-Rottweiler Mix (who looks like a mutt, period) was sitting on the driveway. At some point, she may have approached an officer, although witness reports (from the article) seem to indicate she was not acting aggressively. The dog was shot once and killed.

September 2010: Police Kill Loose Dog

Muncie, Indiana

A dog described as a large Pit Bull was running loose and charging people. The dog did not bite anyone, but animal control was unable to corral the dog.

Police arrived and when the dog charged at one of them, the dog was shot once. He was then shot two more times and was killed.

September 2010: Police Kill Dog On Property

Port Orange, Florida

Police responded to a call about a possible kidnapping. When they arrived, the family's dog somehow got out and approached an officer. The owner told the officer the dog would not bite. The officer drew his weapon and shot the dog three times, killing him. The dog is described as a Labrador Retriever Pit Bull mix.

When records were reviewed, it was discovered the dog has a history of aggression towards humans and other animals.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

September 2010: Police Kill Loose Dog

Thibodaux, Louisiana

A loose mastiff was shot and killed by police. The dog did not bite anyone.

September 2010: Police Kill Two Leashed Dogs

An old blind dog was loose and approached two leashed dogs. The blind dog began a fight which ended up involving all three dogs. Remember, the two dogs were leashed. An officer shot and killed the two leashed - LEASHED - dogs. The dead dogs are described as a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and a Rottweiler.

September 2010: Police Throw Dog Down Stairwell, Shoot Him

Two leashed dogs got into a scuffle at a festival. The larger dog, a Pit Bull Mix, became agitated and his foster guardians was having a difficult time calming him down. When police arrived, they shoved the owner away and manhandled the dog (you can see the picture with the dog under control). Instead of lassoing, catch-poling, tasering, leashing, throwing into the back of a car, the officer picked up the dog, flung him down a flight of stairs, and shot him multiple times, killing the dog. Go team, New York!

September 2010: Police Shoot Dog For Barking

A dog was in his driveway, barking at officers when he was shot and killed. The owner of the dog was nearby and was never given an opportunity to grab the dog. The dog was described as a 5-yr-old Pit Bull.

September 2010: Police Kill Dog Defending Property

Police were pursuing a robbery suspect. They chased the suspect into a home where a dog described as a Pit Bull rightfully freaked out and bit one of the officers. In response, the dog was shot and killed.

September 2010: Police Kills Dog For Jumping On Him

A 4-yr-old dog described as a Pit Bull was shot and killed after jumping on an officer. No one has had problems with the woman's dogs. The dog is only described as a jumping on the officer, not attempting to bite.

September 2010: Police Kill Aggressive Dog

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

A dog described as a Pit Bull jumped over a fence and attacked another dog. A deputy attempted to intervene with a taser, but the dog became more agitated. At that point, the dog was shot and killed.

June 2010: Officer Kills Friendly Neighborhood Dog For Looking Sick

A 15-yr-old mutt who was an icon of a local neighborhood was shot four times in the head because an officer thought the dog was "suffering". The dog had a benign tumor on his neck.

Normally, if you think a dog is suffering, and you're not sure if the dog might have a guardian or family who cares about them, you take the dog to a vet, not plug him full of bullets.

Oh yeah, afterward, they threw the dog's body in the trash. Nice.

September 2010: Police Kill Dog on Property During Chase

Lexington, Kentucky

Goodness forbid any dog be able to lounge in his backyard without having to worry about being shot by police.

A dog described as a Rottweiler was in his backyard doing dog things when a juvenile suspect entered the yard, followed by a police officer. The dog, doing what dogs on their own property do, bit the officer's uniform. This was such an egregious offense that the dog was shot and killed.

Here's a better article. The dog was TEN years old and had been a family pet since puppyhood. The dog was shot SIX times.

September 2010: Crazy Cop in Detroit Shoots AT Dog 12 Times, Hits People Instead

Detroit, Michigan

Flabbergasting. So there's this chop shop guarded by three dogs described as Pit Bulls. Police wisely call in the humane society to deal with the dogs. The officers are doing fine, setting traps and getting the dogs secure when one gets loose. The dog is merely running away, but apparently one cop thinks the dog is such a threat that she shoots AT the dog TWELVE times.

She doesn't manage to hit the dog so far as anyone can tell, but she does shoot the humane society officer twice and shoots the boot of his co-worker.

September 2010: Dog Confused for a Coy-Dog is Killed

Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

Coy-dog crosses are not common. For whatever reason, folks in Aliquippa think they are. There were two sightings of not one, but TWO alleged coy-dogs. These were most likely dogs.

In one case, a woman called to say a coyote, actually described as an Akita mix, was chasing and trying to bite her.

Police arrived. They stated the dog wasn't lunging. It was not trying to bite anyone. For all intents and purposes, it was not acting dangerous. But they shot the dog anyways, calling it a "euthanasia".

September 2010: Calgary Police Kill loose Dog

A dog described as a Rottweiler was running loose, and had bitten at least one woman.

When police arrived, the dog charged and was shot and killed.

Police Shoot Dog With Assault Rifle

During a stand-off, a dog described as a Rottweiler was loose. In a brilliant stroke, the deputy at the scene got a noose around the dog and asked the dog's owner, who the dog was protecting, to hold her. This was the less brilliant stroke. The deputy had a chance to place the woman and the dog in the back of his cruiser instead of allowing the dog to still be loose. When the dog became more agitated, again, there was an opportunity to put the dog into a vehicle. Instead, the situation escalated, the dog broke from the rope, and the man shot her three times, killing her.

August 2010 - Westland Police Shoot and Kill Dog

Westland, Michigan

A dog described as a Pit Bull was running loose when the dog bit a woman. Another dog described as a Pit Bull was present but was not involved in the attack. The attacking dog was shot and killed by police. The other dog was able to run away.

August 2010 - Oroville Police Shoot Loose Dog

Oroville, California

A dog described as a Pit Bull was running loose when the dog attacked a young girl. The dog bit two other people. When police arrived, they attempted to noose and corral the dog but failed. When the dog charged an officer, he was shot.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family of Slain Dog File Lawsuit in Commerce City

Commerce City, Colorado

In February, while responding to an accidental 911 call, an officer encountered a 35-lb mixed breed dog barking at her. She claims the dog began charging her, at which point she shot the dog in the head, killing the dog.

Now, the family is filing a  federal lawsuit in the hopes of preventing a similar tragedy.

August 2010 - Catoosa Police Shoot Loose Dog

Catoosa, Oklahoma

A 2-yr-old Boxer was shot and killed after she escaped from her yard and chased people. When police arrived, the deputy exited the car and was charged at by the dog. Instead of getting back into his car, the officer discharged his weapon. While the dog was shot, the officer waited for animal control to confiscate the dog and eventually euthanize her.

August 2010 - Prince George Sherriff Kill Dog During Eviction Notice

Prince George County, Maryland

A woman in Forest Heights lost her dog when officers served an eviction notice, even though she was already moving her stuff and even though officers knew a dog was on the premises. The dog, described as a Rottweiler, was inside the home - it is unclear whether the dog was in the basement or if the officer entered the basement.

When the dog charged, the officer shot and killed him.

August 2010 - Sioux Falls Police Shoot Dog

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Police were called to deal with a loose dog described as a Pit Bull. The dog had attacked three other animals. When the dog charged at the officer, he was shot and killed.

August 2010 - Racine Police Shoot Charging Dog

Racine, Wisconsin

Police were called out on a report of a loose dog that chased people. The dog, described as a Pit Bull, eventually charged at the officer and a person trying to contain the dog. This occurred when the officer approached the dog on his own property. The dog was killed.

August 2010 - Niagara Falls Police Kill Dog During Drug Raid

Niagara Falls, New York

Police executing a drug raid shot and killed a large dog, described as a Pit Bull.

August 2010- Off-duty Police Officer Shoots Dog at Dog Park

Ann Arundel County, Maryland

An off-duty police officer brought his leashed German Shepherd to a dog park (off-leash). A Husky began playing with the dog. At some point, the officer felt the dogs were playing too rough and called for the Husky's owner (actually brother of owner) to grab the dog. As the man made his way towards the dog, the officer withdrew his weapon and shot the Husky, killing him.

Normally, charges are not laid against police officers, on or off duty. But national coverage and public pressure have resulted in charges being filed - one for animal cruelty and another for discharging a weapon in a public place (which carries a stiffer penalty than animal cruelty).

August 2010 - Whitley County Animal Control Shoots Non-Aggressive Dog

Whitley County, Kentucky

Employees at a pharmacy contacted animal control hoping they would come out and rescue a Great Pyrenees stray who lacked a home and shelter from the rain. Animal control arrived, found the dog under a garbage bin and contacted police.

Pharmacy employees had been caring for the dog. They wanted to make sure he found a good home. When animal control arrived, at least one employee approached the animal control officer and police officer, letting them know that if they planned on shooting the dog, they would adopt him. They offered to pay any fines for a loose dog.

Instead of trying to catch the dog or hand custody over to the offered home, the animal control officer discharged his shotgun. He shot the dog once, missed, shot him again, causing unnecessary suffering, then shot the dog again. He did not make any effort to communicate with the employees or police officer, loaded up the dog and drove off.

Apparently, he will receive "disciplinary" actions which should include getting fired but won't.

August 2010 - Yuma Police Kill Aggressive Dog

Yuma, California

A loose dog, described as a Pit Bull, was shot and killed after biting an officer and charging the officer a second time. The dog had been loose for awhile but no residents had contacted authorities, even though the dog had acted aggressively before.

The story also mentions a 2009 case involving a dog described as a Labrador Retriever being killed after attacking an officer.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 2010 - Dayton Police Shoot Dog in Filthy House

Dayton, Ohio

A mixed breed dog was shot and killed after officers found the dog and another dog in a filthy house. The dog acted aggressively when officers entered the property. Not sure what happened to the second dog.

August 2010 - Stroudsburg Officers Shoot Two Loose Dogs

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Two mixed breed dogs were running loose. They attacked several cats and a deer. Officers were dispatched to find the dogs. It is unclear what provoked at least one of the shootings. One dog was shot when s/he charged at an officer but nothing is said about why the other dog was shot.

The dogs were taken to a veterinarian where it was determined they could not be saved. They were euthanized humanely.

August 2010 - Chicago Police Shoot Dog During Search Warrant

Chicago, Illinois

A mixed breed dog was shot non-fatally during a search warrant execution in Chicago. When officers entered the property, the dog became territorial and aggressive. Thus, he was shot. The dog was taken to a local shelter.

August 2010 - Sand Springs Officer Shoots Dog on Driveway

Sand Springs, Oklahoma

A mixed breed dog was reported running loose. The dog was normally chained. When an officer arrived, he followed the dog back home. The dog was loose on the driveway, barking. The owner of the dog came out and said she would get something to restrain the dog with (instead of just bringing the dog inside). When she went into the house, the dog charged the officer and was shot at twice. The dog was hit at least once and survived.

July 2010 Police Kills Chained Dog During Chase

Charlotte, North Carolina - An officer chasing down a drug suspect was attacked by a chained Pit Bull. The chain permitted the dog access to an adjacent property. The officer shot the dog who was biting him. Another Pit Bull was chained nearby. That dog was not shot. The officer suffered a bite wound but will recover.

June 2010 - Police Kill Dog in Washington Maryland

Washington, Maryland - Police serving a warrant for a man who hadn't lived at the property in more than 12 years ended up killing a confined, mixed breed dog. The owner of the property (grandmother to the "suspect") asked to put her dog in the backyard or bathroom. Officers told her the bathroom was fine. She complied by restraining the dog properly in the bathroom. At some point, an officer I can only describe as an idiot opened the bathroom door. When the dog barked, the officer shot the dog, killing the 13-yr-old dog.

Nothing of interest was found at the house.

June 2010 - La Grange Police Shoot Restrained, Non-Aggressive Dog

LaGrange, Missouri - For little more than an hour, police harassed and chased down a loose Pit Bull. About 10 minutes of the "chase" is caught on police video. It shows a dog who is calm, not moving and only becomes agitated when police pursue her aggressively. At some point, the dog is on a catch pole. This means the dog is restrained and can now be safely placed in an animal control vehicle or the back of a police cruiser with appropriate protection.

Instead, the officer shoots the dog once. She goes down but is screaming and still conscious. He finally shoots her again and kills her. The dog was a beloved pet. She did not bite anyone.

June 2010 - Loose Dog Shot and Killed in Cheyenne Wyoming

Cheyenne, Wyoming - A loose dog who did not bite anyone but acted aggressive/territorial while being pursued by officers was shot and killed.

June 2010 - Toronto Police Taser Dog

Officers in Toronto busted down a door and entered a person's home in search of firearms. The resident had a dog who was being restrained by the owner. The dog was acting territorial. Officers demanded the owner release the dog. When he did, the dog was tasered. The man accuses police of beating him up afterwards.

No firearms were found. They did find a small amount of pot, a flick knife and a baton.

June 2010 - Police Shoot Baltimore Pit Bull

A loose dog identified as a Pit Bull was being harassed and annoyed by several teenagers. The dog finally bit one of them. When police arrived, they found a group of teenage boys and the loose dog. The dog was "attacking them". An officer pulled out a weapon and shot the dog. The bullet either passed through the dog or ricocheted and hit one of the idiot teenagers.

June 2010 - Loose Pit Bull Killed

Portland, Oregon police shoot a dog identified as a Pit Bull to death after the dog bit a man and a woman. The dog was running loose and caused minor injuries. The dog did not bite the officer. The dog was killed.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Durham Police Shoot And Kill Loose Aggressive Dog

An Australian Shepherd running loose was shot and killed by police. The dog acted aggressively and maybe someone was bitten.

Columbia SWAT Kill Barking Dog

A SWAT team was used to enter a home and confiscate a small amount of marijuana. In the process, a barking dog was killed and another dog wounded. There is video, and you can hear the dog bark, then scream in pain and agony as she is shot. No officer can be heard yelling at the dog - you hear a couple barks, then an immediate gun shot, followed by screaming, then more gunshots to kill the dog.

A child was present.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Oklahoma City Police Shoot Dog, Hit Man As Well

Police have a history of visiting the house where a dog was shot and a man injured from ricocheting bullet fragments. The dog ran out towards two police officers, on accident. The owner of the dog ran after her, yelling that she was friendly and not to shoot her.

Instead, they shot her multiple times. Mere feet from the owner, who was struck in the chest with a bullet fragment. The dog was later euthanized due to the extent of her injuries.

Concord, North Carolina Police Shoot Dog Because She Couldn't Be Caught

Officers in Concord, North Carolina chose to fatally shoot a dog because they didn't want to spend any more time chasing her. She was not acting aggressively. She had not bitten anyone or menaced anyone. Verbal and written witness statements claims she was not a threat and that the deputy shot her while she ran from him.

The owner of the dog arrived soon after his dog had been killed. He videotaped himself asking the shooting officer about the dog. In it, the officer says he didn't want to spend three hours chasing a dog. So instead, he shot and killed a nonviolent, family pet.

Santa Rosa Police Shoots and Kills an Attacking Dog

A 5-yr-old Cane Corso with a history of aggression began attacking his owner. At some point, the man was able to call 911 during the attack. Police arrived and felt their only option to end the attack by the large dog was to shoot the dog. The dog was shot twice, ran to his kennel and died.

The dog was licensed and up to date on vaccines.

Cleveland Police Shoot Dog During Arrest Warrant

Cleveland police were responding to a disturbance call. When they checked up on the address, they found that a resident at the address was wanted for aggravated murder charges. They ordered the man to come out. Another resident opened the back door and allowed the resident Pit Bull to run out. The dog was shot three times and survived.

Berwyn Police Shoot Cornered Dogs

Two Pit Bulls were loose. Police were called. The dogs were cornered and, at some point, one of the dogs charged. It is unclear whether the dog was just trying to escape the officers or reacting out of fear from being cornered. The dog was shot twice and is currently being treated by a veterinarian. Or is dead. The article isn't exactly clear on that, either.

Broward County Police Shoot and Kill Biting, Loose Dog

A loose Pit Bull, who had bitten one child and chased others, was eventually shot dead by Broward police officers. The dog did not bite the officer.

Canadian Police Shoot Dog On Dog's Property

A 9-mos-old dog with a habit of running loose with a pack and, unfortunately, mauling other animals was shot six times and eventually killed by a police officer. The dog was on her property, although the officer did not know that.

There were humans in the house near the shooting and the 12-yr-old daughter witnessed the shooting.

Salinas Police Shoot Loose Dog

A loose dog in Salinas, California who trapped a man in a truck was shot by police after the dog "advanced aggressively" but did not actually attack anyone.

The title of the article implies the dog attacked someone. He did not.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Frederick County Sheriff shoots dog on property

A deputy shot an old Labrador Retriever, possibly as she walked away from him. The deputy was looking for a juvenile at the residence. The owner of the home asked the deputy to wait while he put his dogs up. One of the dogs aparently was outside on her property and approached from the side of the office. The officer felt threatened. The owner called the dog over. The dog was shot from behind, with the bullet going through the back leg and coming out the front.

Recently, the Frederick County Sheriff's Office offered to pay $2,500 for the medical costs.

Niagara Falls police shoots dog attacking his partner

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (AP) - A police officer in Niagara Falls shot a 90-pound pit bull to death after the dog knocked down a fellow officer and mauled him.

Police Lt. Michael Kachurek says the officers were investigating a burglary at an apartment house early Monday morning when the dog bounded out of another apartment and bowled over 1 of the cops. The dog's owner tried to call the animal back inside but it continued to bite the officer until his partner shot it.

The officer was treated for bite wounds at the hospital and the owner was cited for having an unlicensed dog and failing to properly restrain it.

Police later tracked down a 21-year-old man who had entered the building, starting the whole episode, and charged him with criminal trespassing.

(American Pit Bull Terriers do not weigh 90 lbs).

Sale lake police shoot and kill loose dog

Two dogs escaped from their yard. They approached two girls walking their dog. One report claims one dog attacked the girls' dog, but this turns out to be untrue (no injuries to the other dog and other witness reports). At some point, the girl grabbed her dog and put the dog over her head, which just excited and agitated one of the loose dogs more. The girls were able to shove the dogs away and manhandle them without being bitten.

A plains-clothes officer nearby approached, told the girls to step aside, then shot at the dog while the girls were three feet away. He missed the first three times and hit the dog the fourth time. The dog later died.

Wausau Officer shoots dog who nips him

A mixed breed dog was shot when an officer felt threatened by the dog's aggressive and dangerous behavior. The officer was responding to a report of intoxicated arguers. The dog belonged to one of the women, came out of the house when the officer arrived and charged the interloper, biting him on the arm. The officer shot the dog once in the chest. The dog was refused care by a vet and the woman is treating the dog herself.

Maricopa police chief dismissed

The police chief who shot several dogs, including a dog who witnesses state he whistled over, catch-poled, than shot and killed has been dismissed because he couldn't respond to calls in an appropriate time (official report).

Memphis refuses to pay veterinary bill of wounded dog

The city of Memphis is refusing to pay for the veterinary bill for the shooting injury of a woman's dog.

The owner has a recording from the security company stating that there are dogs on the property, yet the officer entered the backyard and immediately shot at the two dogs, Labrador Retriever mixes, on the property. One dog was shot, the other ran out the now unlatched gate and was thankfully found later.

Merced Police Kill Loose Dog

rniaMerced, California
Police shoot a dog who had attacked a man the owner claims was tresspassing. The dog was killed. The man is in the hospital. One report states the dog rammed through a fence and attacked the man. Another claims the man was entering the property (and this is according to the owner).