Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 2010: Lincoln Police Officer Shoots barking Dog

Lincoln, Nebraska

A dog got out of a car and was outside a convenience store. An officer approached and the dog barked at him, "showing teeth". And thus, the logical response to a barking dog (which, by necessity, shows teeth) is to fatally shoot the dog.

October 2010: Gilbert Police Shoot Attacking Dog

Gilbert, Arizona

A dog described as a Bloodhound was running loose. The dog attacked several people before police arrived. The dog attempted to attack them and was shot. The dog was euthanized at the request of the dog's owner at a veterinary clinic.

Phoenix Police Officer Charged With Murder & Cruelty to Animals

A mother in Phoenix called police to try and calm down her son, who was very upset. Richard Chrisman and another officer arrived.

The man asked to see a warrant. Chrisman proceeded to put his service weapon to the man's head, saying he didn't need a warrant. Chrisman tasered/stun gunned and pepper sprayed the man.

When one of the man's dogs barked at officer Chrisman, he shot and killed the dog. The other officer saw no reason to shoot the dog and did not see the puppy as a threat.

When the victim asked officers why they shot his dog, the other officer tried to calm him down and talked him into coming outside. The victim said he was going to leave on his bicycle. The other officer tried to block him from leaving. Chrisman and the victim got into a minor scuffle. Chrisman then proceeded to shoot the victim multiple times, killing him. 

He is now being charged with second-degree murder and cruelty to animals. 

Officer Chrisman is being terminated. He has a history of abusing his authority.

October 2010: Shelby Police Kill Dog

Shelby, North Carolina

Police were pursuing robbery suspects when they encountered a chained Boxer and Pit Bull. The Boxer, aged 13, broke her chain and nipped a police officer, creating a hole in his pants. The officer responded to ripped pants by shooting the dog dead. The Pit Bull did not attempt to attack anyone.

October 2010: Florida Police Shoot Loose Dog

Brevard County, Florida

Three dogs described as Pit Bulls were let loose from a person's backyard. The dogs were running loose and growled at a couple of people. Police were called.

One of the three dogs growled and charged at police. The dog was shot and killed. The other two dogs were returned to their owner.

October 2010: LA police Shoot Dog Serving a Warrant

Los Angeles, California

Two police officers serving a warrant were charged at by a dog. The dog did not bite anyone. Both officers shot at the dog. The dog survived.

October 2010: Texas Police Shoot Aggressive Dog

San Antonio, Texas

A dog described as a bull mastiff with a history of aggression severely mauled a woman. The dog belonged to her son. She was airlifted to the hospital and is expected to survive. The dog was so aggressive police had to shoot him.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

October 2010: Former deputy indicted for shooting death of dog

Llano, Texas

In August, a former deputy shot and killed a Pekingese who had wandered onto his property from his neighbor's yard. The dog was not acting aggressive nor posing a threat.

The officer has now been indicted on cruelty to animals.

October 2010: Portland Police Shoot Dog

Portland, Oregon

A man punched his girlfriend, causing significant bleeding. He was heavily intoxicated and thought he had killed the woman. So he called the police to report the "murder".

Police arrived to find two loose dogs, a Lab and a Pit Bull. The Pit Bull lunged at one of the officers and was shot. The dog was SO dangerous that he happily jumped into the back of a police cruiser for a personal trip to the vet hospital. He is expected to survive.

Oddly enough, no word on the victim - the assaulted woman.

October 2010: Phoenix officer kills unarmed man and barking puppy

Phoenix, Arizona

A mother called Phoenix police in an effort to calm her son down, who had been throwing things at a wall. When officers arrived, the son - unarmed - did not want to let officers into the trailer. One officer then put a gun to the son's head and said he didn't need a warrant to enter the trailer.

At some point, the son freaked out and resisted arrest, trying to get away from the dude who just shoved a gun to his temple.

A dog, described as a Boxer or Pit Bull, was shot and killed for barking. The other responding officer stated the dog was NOT a threat and was merely barking, not trying to attack.

The son got out of the trailer and a "scuffle" ensued between him and Officer Richard Chrisman. The fight ended and the victim was standing by a bicycle, unarmed, when Officer Chrisman shot him, causing fatal wounds.

Officer Chrisman is now being charged with aggravated assault and possibly murder.

October 2010: Roanoke Animal Control Officer Kills Loose Dog

Two dogs described as friendly by neighbors and friends got out of their yard and were running loose.

Animal control was called and the officer began chasing the dogs in his truck. When he got out of the truck, the dogs approached. For some unknown reason, the officer squatted down and spread his arms out. The dogs ran up to him and nipped him (no bite wounds were reported). When the dogs backed off, one charged again, and the animal control officer shot and killed him. The other dog is alive and unharmed.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October 2010: Oakland Police Kill Arthritic Dog

Oakland, California

An 11-yr-old Labrador Retriever named Gloria accidentally tripped the silent alarm at her home. Unfortunately, doing so, cost her her life.

When police arrived, they entered the backyard. The dog, who suffers from hip dysplasia and can't move very fast, barked at them. Barked. Like, woof, woof. She didn't try to bite or attack, she just talked.

For the HORROR of talking, Gloria was shot three times and killed.

But hey, officers were nice enough to leave a note on the door of her owner's home!

September 2010: Prince George County Strikes Again

Prince George County, Maryland

A man and his brothers were able to stop a carjacking with a shotgun. Police arrived to a rather chaotic scene. While everyone laid down on the ground, one man began to struggle.

The family's 5-yr-old Labrador-Rottweiler Mix (who looks like a mutt, period) was sitting on the driveway. At some point, she may have approached an officer, although witness reports (from the article) seem to indicate she was not acting aggressively. The dog was shot once and killed.

September 2010: Police Kill Loose Dog

Muncie, Indiana

A dog described as a large Pit Bull was running loose and charging people. The dog did not bite anyone, but animal control was unable to corral the dog.

Police arrived and when the dog charged at one of them, the dog was shot once. He was then shot two more times and was killed.

September 2010: Police Kill Dog On Property

Port Orange, Florida

Police responded to a call about a possible kidnapping. When they arrived, the family's dog somehow got out and approached an officer. The owner told the officer the dog would not bite. The officer drew his weapon and shot the dog three times, killing him. The dog is described as a Labrador Retriever Pit Bull mix.

When records were reviewed, it was discovered the dog has a history of aggression towards humans and other animals.