Friday, May 1, 2009

Off duty cop accused of killing dog

Whoa, here's a messed up story out of Waterville, Vermont.

A dog belonging to an off-duty police officer was running loose. He entered the backyard of a neighbor and engaged in a fight with the neighbor's dog. The neighbor's dog was on his own property. After the police officer broke up the fight, he took his dog back home, grabbed his gun, walked back to the neighbor's yard and shot the dog once, killing him. And, it gets better, he shot this dog literally feet from a 2-yr-old child.

It will be interesting to see if any charges stem from this shooting. There is something very wrong with a person who refuses to take personal responsibility for confining his dog and expresses his anger through the use of a lethal weapon. I mean, that goes without saying, right?


  1. I know, right? I live in VT and this story has outraged me. I even for the first time dropped the story to a major news station hoping to put heat on the police department to arrest this officer and charge him.

  2. I became enraged upon hearing this on the news! This guy has NO business being a COP / he lacks any semblance of humanity!! What really irks me in these senseless acts of violence is that people get upset/ tsk tsk and do nothing. I looked up Waterville/ Essex police - local government, PLUS wrote a letter to editor, Vermont Newspapers. I feel very strongly that citizens should take the TIME and protest LOUDLY. Take the time/ if enough speak up perhaps idiots like this mutant cop will be fired!!