Monday, May 4, 2009

Battle Creek officer not charged in shooting death of dog

In March, a dog (one of three) running loose was shot and killed by a Battle Creek police officer. There wasn't much information about the why of the shooting, except the officer stated the dog charged him. The other two dogs were euthanized without the owner being given an opportunity to reclaim them. That's a bit sketchy.

Recently, the officer was found guiltless of any wrongdoing and that the shooting was justified. Take it as you will, but in the comment section, one person claims she was a witness and saw the dog get shot from behind as it ran from officers. And the other two dogs? They were easily captured when they returned to the dead body of their pack-mate.

The news agency covering the story brings up that, in the past month, Battle Creek police officers have shot ten dogs. That is unusually high. There are about 120 sworn officers in Battle Creek. I do not know how often they discharge their weapons or if discharging into/at a dog is in the top three reasons for discharging a weapon.

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