Monday, May 18, 2009

DC police shoot dog, bullet ricochets, hits child in head

In DC, a family's dog got out of the house in view of the family. The family's son, a 12-yr-old, immediately ran after the dog to catch him. Unfortunately, he was also toting around a plastic toy gun that looked a lot like a real gun.

Someone called police who arrived, ordering the child to the ground. At some point, the dog must have seen what was going on and approached the officer. As usual in these cases, there are two disparaging reports. Police claim the dog charged the officer, while a neighbor who witnessed the arrest said the dog did not but simply crouched. Police claim a bullet did not ricochet and hit the child in the head, the child's family claim one did (and he went to the hospital, so I imagine there was a reason for that).

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