Saturday, May 2, 2009

Calgary police versus Corpus Christi police

A Calgary dog was tasered three times. The dog, a 9-mos-old Presa Canario puppy, became very agitated when his owners began to fight. SO much so that he redirected onto his owners, biting them several times. Police were flagged down and the dog was tasered once during the attack, a second time when it appeared the dog was about to charge again and a third time when he was cornered on a porch. The dog survived and is at the shelter. The photo shows a very frightened dog, sad. The dog was initially identified as a pit bull.

In Corpus Christi, Texas, we see the other end of the spectrum when a police officer shot at a dog who was charging him, even though the owner was literally feet away. The dog got out of the house and ran down the steps but did not attack. The officer shot at the dog, missing, and the sound probably scared the dog off. The custodian of the dog was able to leash him safely.

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