Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Acworth officer kills dog after being bitten

An Acworth officer shot and killed a dog who was loose and bit him once on the leg.

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  1. Let’s give you a couple of things on your belt, a can of pepper spray, and a gun. Now let’s allow a Rottweiler/German Shepherd charge you with teeth showing, and growling. Now let’s allow him to chomp into your knee. You are losing your balance and trying to shake him off and back away at the same time. Now, are you going to experiment with some pepper spray, that by the way is going to contaminate you as well, or are you going to end the threat by pulling your gun and shooting the attacker.
    It is absolutely ridiculous to second guess this police officer. Have you noticed the owner who was negligent, is not the one talking or putting up a memorial for the dog? It is the neighbor who apparently needs a cause to rally for and apparently has an axe to grind with the police department. What in the world is she doing going on television making statements. She was not a witness to the incident she is the neighborhood busybody who constantly complains about everything from children playing to the weather. By the way this publicity seeking woman called the local television news channels on the day of the event, which was two weeks ago, and most wouldn’t touch the story. Cox, the owner of WSB radio, television, and the Atlanta Journal, is the only organization that would give this senile woman the time of day.