Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hurst chief of police seems proud of his dog shooting record

A dog owner in Hurst, Illinois is upset after an officer shot his dog three times, requiring the dog to be euthanized. The dog, an intact female with puppies, began to wander into a parking lot across the street from where she lived. It is there that she was approached by the chief of police. According to the chief, she put her head down and growled. At this point, the chief drew his weapon and shot the dog three times, twice in the shoulder (breaking her shoulder) and once in the neck...she was later euthanized by animal control.

But we soon learn that the chief of police doesn't really have a problem with discharging his weapon into a dog - he's shot three dogs in the past five years. In a town of 800, that's pretty impressive. I mean, comparably, 820 officers in Omaha, Nebraska have killed 39 dogs in one year, 800 officers in Tulsa, OK killed 25. Both Omaha and Tulsa have around 400,000 people. I'll grant that Hurst is probably a lot more rural and may not even have a leash law. Still, it seems that the chief is a smidgen trigger happy when it comes to dogs.

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