Friday, September 25, 2009

Memphis security guard shoots at dog, misses, hits car

A security guard fired at two dogs who were one foot away from him, managed to miss the dogs one foot away from him and instead hit the passenger car door of the mayor pro-tem's wife. She wasn't in the car.

There were no witnesses to the shooting. According to the security officer, he was approached aggressively by two loose dogs. When they got within a foot of him, he discharged his weapon twice, missing both times. The dogs ran off.

While no children were there at the time of the incident, Lowery wonders, what if?

But the district says the guard just as easily could have protected children from a potentially vicious dog.
Except that in this case, had someone been standing in front of the car, they would not have been protected from a potentially vicious dog. They would have been shot.

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