Thursday, September 3, 2009

Clara City, Minnesota

A Minnesota police chief says he had to shoot and kill an 8-month-old puppy in its own front yard. The pit bull died early this week. Its owners and neighbors said it was gentle and wouldn't hurt anyone.

"I went up there and he said, 'I had no choice, your dog's vicious, tried to attack me,' [and I] said, 'You're a liar,'" said the dog's owner, Frank Chapman.

Chapman said Chief Ralph Bradley shot his dog for no reason. He said Bradley came into his yard and tried to coax the dog out into the street. When the dog did not go, Chapman says Bradley shot the dog in his yard and left its body there for all to see.

"The dog was laying over there by the flower bed. He shot him," said Anita Grossman.

Grossman witnessed the shooting. She said Bradley shot the dog twice with his shotgun and showed no remorse.

Bradley said he did fire three warning shots at the dog, named Diva, with his pistol. For 45 minutes, he says, he tried to think of ways to control the animal. He said he even used his Taser to try to distract the dog.

"I was close enough on the dog that it was in his face and then what I do is I pull the trigger and that sets off a current. In most cases, in fact in every case I've ever done that, the dog will turn and run. In this case the dog just became agitated," said Bradley.

Bradley admits to shooting the dog after it charged after him. He said the second shot was so the animal would not suffer.

Bradley says Chapman will be cited for not properly restraining his animal and for not having its rabies vaccinations. He says Chapman has 72 hours to remove the buried dog from the front yard.

Chapman said he plans to file a complaint with the city attorney, to get justice for his puppy.

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