Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eminence, KY: Police chief shoots dog

A dog had gotten loose from his chain and was wandering around a neighborhood, dragging four feet of chain behind him.

The dog is owned by a sheriff's deputy.

Witness reports claim the following:
- A car pulled up alongside the loose dog, a man got out and began swinging a cane at the dog.
- The dog was walking on the sidewalk and did not menace anyone
- Police shot the dog as he walked on the sidewalk

The man with the cane claims the dog attacked him, although the news article does not report any particular wounds.

The article leaves out why the chief of police shot the dog as well as why there was a crowd of people walking with the cane-wielding man.

Apparently the dog survived since the owner wanted the city to pay for the animal's medical expenses. The city refused.

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