Saturday, February 21, 2009

SWAT: No knock warrant results in death of dog

An Australian cattle dog is dead after SWAT paramilitary raided a house using a no-knock warrant.

Just imagine, for one moment, you, your 12-yr-old kid and your spouse are sitting down to watch some television when the door is blown open and a dozen heavily armed, uniformed people storm in. Then imagine your dog doing what a dog does when threatened and being shot at three times. A bullet misses and lands in your mattress.

That's what happened to the family in the article when Howard County SWAT invaded their home.

The search warrant was issued for the family's stepson who hasn't lived at the home in three years. On the search warrant someone had scratched out one person's name and handwritten the stepson's in its stead. I mean, really, at least get a no-knock warrant with the correct person typed on the document.

The owner of the dog has filed a complaint but so far no disciplinary action has been taken against any of the officers who invaded this family's home.

The Maryland legislature is introducing a bill that would, at the very least, require monthly reports to the attorney general on no-knock warrants and SWAT activity. This is in result to the tragic death of two dogs when SWAT invaded the Berywn Heights mayor's home. The mayor was not guilty of any crime and one of his dogs had been running from police when he was shot in the back.

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