Friday, February 20, 2009

Off-duty police officer shoots dogs

A Dallas officer will not face charges for the shooting death of one of two pit bulls. The two dogs had gotten loose. The off-duty officer's wife felt threatened by the loose dogs and called her husband. Neighbors were able to coax the dogs away but not confine them. When the off-duty officer arrived, the dogs were still loose. Witnesses claim that one of the dogs approached the officer in a non-threatening manner, but the guy shot the dog anyways.

Previous story:

Two dogs got loose from their backyard. At some point, they frightened a woman when they approached her and she felt threatened. She called her husband, a Dallas police officer (off duty), who rushed to the scene. Of course, before he arrived, neighbors had been able to lure the dogs away from the frightened woman who was never bitten, scratched, jumped on or injured.

The dogs were still loose when the off-duty police officer arrived. When one of the dogs trotted towards him in a non-threatening manner (according to witnesses), he pulled out his gun and shot the dog six times, killing her. The other dog was safely transported to animal control.

The owner of the dog plans on filing a complaint. The officer did fire a loaded weapon in the middle of a residential street where several people were present.

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