Friday, February 20, 2009

Indian River County deputies kill 20lb puppy

You have to trudge past the poorly written article to figure out what happened.

My best guess is this: A dog got loose and ended up in a neighbor's backyard. Neighbor calls 911 (yes, a loose 20lb dog is apparently an emergency) and deputies arrive. The 4.5 month old dog may have approached or glanced wrong at the officers who pumped the dog full of bullets, killing him. The dog appears to be a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Monday, a call for help. A neighbor called 911, "My neighbor's dog got loose." Loose in their backyard, deputies responded. Jeff Luther with the Indian River County Sheriff's Office says, "They were in fear of them attacking them."

The fear was too much. Two deputies shot and killed Snowy. Now, Shawn Bagley must burry his beloved pet, "I don't think that anyone was unsafe for a four and a half month puppy that weighs 20 something pounds."


If you are a police officer afraid of a 20 lb, 4.5 month old dog who may or may not be aggressive, I would suggest a career change.

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