Monday, March 2, 2009

Vandalia Controversy Over Police Shooting Dogs

I don't know where the truth lies exactly except that police shot two dogs, including one dog who was chased - yes, chased - for an hour before being shot to death.

In the first story, a mixed breed dog is shot in the leg after apparently lunging at an officer. The dog had been running loose and acting in a "threatening manner" and so police were called in. According to police, they tried macing the dog but the dog still "lunged" and so the dog was shot.

The second story is more tragic. A dog got out of her yard and was running loose. For over an hour, they chased this scared, frightened dog. I don't know the details but it sounds like that the dog was not acting aggressive but scared. She was running away. And she was still shot 2-3 times and killed.

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  1. Austin Texas 5/6/2009 ~ 7:00 pm

    The police responding to a domestic disturbance call (My daughter had had a loud argument with her boy friend, who had left some time before) walked into my daughter's duplex and came face to face with her dogs (one of which is a Great Dane). They retreated to the front yard, and my daughter followed them to find out what was going on. They responded that they were concerned for her and needed to verify that her boy friend was not holding her against her will and/or beating her. To do so, they needed to search her house. She said fine, but she needed to put the dogs into the back yard. As she moved to return to the duplex to do so, they attempted to restrain her. Fearing for her dogs (that the police would shoot them as you discuss in this blog) she started yelling at them to not shoot her dogs, and tried to go to her dogs. They threw her on the ground, and it seems tried to cuff her. This proved difficult, so they tazed her. This wasn't enough, so they tazed her again. Then she calmed down a bit, and they cuffed her. Then then searched her duplex. Luckily, the dogs were so cowed by all of this that they did not react to the police, so the dogs are okay. They didn't find the boy friend (as she told them, she was alone), nor did they find any drugs or evidence of a crime (more than likely why they would not let her secure her dogs... they didn't want her to dispose of drugs or grab a gun).

    Then they charged her with resisting arrest and impeding a police officer in his duty.

    So in short, the police with the intent to prevent her from being held against her will and/or beaten by her boy friend.... threw her on the ground, tazed her, and tossed her in jail.

    All the while, the only thing she wanted to do was study for her final. That is what the fight with the boy friend was about (he was bothering her while she was trying to study) and what the police interrupted by barging into her house (while she was studying).

    More to come later.