Friday, February 20, 2009

Milwaukee lawsuit over shooting death of dog

In 2004, a 7-yr-old Labrador/Springer Spaniel mix named Bubba was shot to death by police.

The police who shot and killed Bubba were apparently on the hunt for a man with a pit bull. They armed themselves with shotguns because, according to one of the officers, it was the best weapon for handling a dog (as opposed, to say, your brain).

Bubba was with his family in the backyard when the officers approached. The dog jumped over the fence and ran towards the officers who immediately opened fire, hitting the dog once. The dog retreated under a bush with his owner nearby, trying to coax him out. The officers refused to allow the owner to get the dog. As the officers approached again, the dog, obviously in pain, came out growling. Witnesses dispute this claim, though. One officer was ordered to shoot the dog two more times, killing him. Four shots were fired; three hitting the dog (two required to kill him).

And after the shooting? Police wrote Bubba's owner a $122 ticket for a loose dog.

Now, five years later, Bubba's case may be heard in federal court where officers stand accused of violating Bubba's owners fourth ammendment rights.

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