Saturday, October 9, 2010

October 2010: Phoenix officer kills unarmed man and barking puppy

Phoenix, Arizona

A mother called Phoenix police in an effort to calm her son down, who had been throwing things at a wall. When officers arrived, the son - unarmed - did not want to let officers into the trailer. One officer then put a gun to the son's head and said he didn't need a warrant to enter the trailer.

At some point, the son freaked out and resisted arrest, trying to get away from the dude who just shoved a gun to his temple.

A dog, described as a Boxer or Pit Bull, was shot and killed for barking. The other responding officer stated the dog was NOT a threat and was merely barking, not trying to attack.

The son got out of the trailer and a "scuffle" ensued between him and Officer Richard Chrisman. The fight ended and the victim was standing by a bicycle, unarmed, when Officer Chrisman shot him, causing fatal wounds.

Officer Chrisman is now being charged with aggravated assault and possibly murder.

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