Sunday, October 24, 2010

Phoenix Police Officer Charged With Murder & Cruelty to Animals

A mother in Phoenix called police to try and calm down her son, who was very upset. Richard Chrisman and another officer arrived.

The man asked to see a warrant. Chrisman proceeded to put his service weapon to the man's head, saying he didn't need a warrant. Chrisman tasered/stun gunned and pepper sprayed the man.

When one of the man's dogs barked at officer Chrisman, he shot and killed the dog. The other officer saw no reason to shoot the dog and did not see the puppy as a threat.

When the victim asked officers why they shot his dog, the other officer tried to calm him down and talked him into coming outside. The victim said he was going to leave on his bicycle. The other officer tried to block him from leaving. Chrisman and the victim got into a minor scuffle. Chrisman then proceeded to shoot the victim multiple times, killing him. 

He is now being charged with second-degree murder and cruelty to animals. 

Officer Chrisman is being terminated. He has a history of abusing his authority.

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