Friday, October 23, 2009

Memphis police shoot dogs on their own property

Two Memphis police officers responding to a burglary call arrived at the home, checked the front door, then proceeded to unlatch and enter the fenced in backyard. The two dogs who lived at the premises and had access to the yard through a dog door ran at the two officers entering the yard. One dog was shot, the other may have been shot but escaped through the gate left open by the officers. She is now loose and possibly injured.

The owner of the dogs was not immediately told about the shootings when she arrived and only discovered the wounded dog when she was allowed into her house. She did not know her other dog had ran off. Officers attempted to retain the owner for "questioning", prohibiting her from taking the injured dog to a vet.

The shot dog is expected to survive. The remaining dog, a black Labrador Retriever remains on the loose, possibly injured. Hopefully, she will be found alive and well.

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