Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 2010 - Whitley County Animal Control Shoots Non-Aggressive Dog

Whitley County, Kentucky

Employees at a pharmacy contacted animal control hoping they would come out and rescue a Great Pyrenees stray who lacked a home and shelter from the rain. Animal control arrived, found the dog under a garbage bin and contacted police.

Pharmacy employees had been caring for the dog. They wanted to make sure he found a good home. When animal control arrived, at least one employee approached the animal control officer and police officer, letting them know that if they planned on shooting the dog, they would adopt him. They offered to pay any fines for a loose dog.

Instead of trying to catch the dog or hand custody over to the offered home, the animal control officer discharged his shotgun. He shot the dog once, missed, shot him again, causing unnecessary suffering, then shot the dog again. He did not make any effort to communicate with the employees or police officer, loaded up the dog and drove off.

Apparently, he will receive "disciplinary" actions which should include getting fired but won't.

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