Thursday, October 15, 2009

Youngstown police massacre two dogs protecting puppies

In the first shooting, the dog had taken up residence in an abandoned home with her puppies. She had bitten one person who got too close to her litter. An animal control officer had spent seven days trying to capture her, to no avail. It is unclear what methods were used to try and catch the dog. When police arrived, the dog protected her puppies the only way she knew how, by trying to get the threat to go away. She charged at the officers and was shot twice. The puppies were confiscated.

The second shooting is far more disturbing. The dog and her mate lived near a junkyard and had attacked one of the employees there. Police were called. One dog was tranquilized but the other dog proved to be quite aggressive.

So the following happened:
  • Dog was shot once, dog backed away from the threat and ran to hide from the officers
  • Officers pursued injured mother dog, shooting her once while she lay under a shed.
  • When the dog stood up, not aggressing, she was shot a second time, then third time.
  • After shooting the dog four times, she officer shot her another two times until he was out of ammunition.
  • The dog has now been shot six times
  • The officer shoots the dog four more times
  • At this point, the dog charges officers, trying to escape the shed.
  • She crawled to hide underneath a patrol car.
  • The officer either drove over the dog or managed to drive away, revealing the dog.
  • So she could be shot another three times. 
  • She finally died.
This dog was shot twelve times. And no, she was not a pit bull. The three puppies were confiscated.

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