Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tulsa police did not put child in danger during dog shooting

About a week ago, a Tulsa police officer shot at a dog 10' in front of a child standing in a doorway. One shot hit the cement, the other hit the dog (article does not mention if dog died).

The dogs have a long history of getting loose. Officers were called out because the dogs appeared aggressive. The dogs were hanging out on their own property, though, when police arrived - one on the porch, one on the front yard. They acted territorial and barked at the officer, then both dogs went back into the house.

When the officer knocked on the door, he encountered a belligerent 10-yr-old as well as one of the dogs. The dog approached the officer aggressively.

The mother claims the officer shot the dog 3' away from her child while the officer (and forensic reports) show that the officer was 10' away from the dog.

Here's another article: The dog did die.

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