Monday, August 3, 2009

Off duty officer shoots charging dog

Anyway, here we have an off-duty police officer jogging (well, you don't see the officer jogging). He's jogging in an area where he's had problems with loose dogs before.

He's jogging along when a dog comes out of the front yard and approaches him. The officer has seen this dog before and has been run at by the dog before. When the dog was five feet away, the officer discharged his weapon and shot the dog in the head. Several feet away, children were playing in the front yard of where the dog lives.

When animal control arrives, they describe the dog as friendly, wagging his tail and in generally good spirits despite a bullet hole in his face. Even the animal control officer states that the dog was probably just running out to say hi with the caveat that a charging dog is intimidating no matter how friendly that dog might be.

In Los Angeles, shooting dogs comprise 25% of the reasons for discharging a weapon. This is a pretty common percentage when it comes to how often police officers in larger, urban areas discharge their weapons. I don't know that the stats include off-duty police officers, though.

The dog will be fine.

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