Sunday, August 30, 2009

North Belle Vernon, PA

John Gida was walking his two Malteses on Arch Street in North Belle Vernon Friday morning when a neighbor's bulldog attacked, biting Gida and one of his dogs.Gida's wife, Kim, heard the commotion and raced outside to help, but was unsuccessful.A worker at a nearby garage tried to fend the bulldog off with a 2x4, but when that didn't work, a police officer was forced to shoot and kill the bulldog."The dog would not stop. It kept on pounding on me and pounding on me. I thought, 'I'm going to die' because it would not stop," said Kim Gida.
John and Kim Gida
One of the Gidas' dogs suffered 14 puncture wounds and remains in intensive care at an animal hospital.John Gida was also hospitalized.The bulldog's owner told Channel 4 Action News that he feels badly about what happened, but felt the dog should have been put down properly and not shot on the street.The dog's owner added that he was on a dialysis machine at the time and could not get outside fast enough when the bull dog broke free from its collar while tied on the porch.

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