Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Longmont, Colorado

Officer shoots, wounds pit bull

LONGMONT, CO — A Longmont police officer shot and wounded a pit bull that charged him early Monday morning, according to police reports.

Officer Nate McManus was responding to a domestic violence call on the 1800 block of Meadow Street, where another officer was talking to a woman. As McManus approached, the woman’s dog charged him, barking and growling, Cmdr. Tim Lewis said Monday.

McManus drew his gun, waited until the dog was within a couple of feet of him and fired. The woman was able to corral the dog and told police it suffered a minor injury to its right hindquarters.

According to police reports, she told supervisors she would have done the same thing in McManus’ position, Lewis said. Police officials plan to review the incident, which is done whenever an officer fires a weapon, Lewis said.


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