Friday, July 31, 2009

Lakewood police taser dog twice

A loose dog exhibiting classic fearful and, quite frankly, non threatening displays was tasered twice by Lakewood police. The police also insist the dog is a pit bull when the dog is clearly a Boxer. I mean, clearly.

I'm glad they didn't use a gun which is always more lethal than a taser, but doesn't Lakewood have an animal control? The taser's video shows a dog who I could have gotten six feet from and lassoed with a catch pole. The taser's video also shows a dog who is clearly not a valid threat and is acting like a scared dog willing to flee.

Now the owner has to prove his dog isn't dangerous even though his dog did not bite or scratch any human being and simply had the misfortune of being in a town where police confused Boxers for pit bulls and don't act sorry about it.

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