Sunday, July 12, 2009

Horsham, PA police use alternatives to subdue dog

So a really angry dog broke through a window and threatened the general calmness of a neighborhood. Police were called.

Okay, here's where I have to admit I smiled:

When the first responding officer arrived and noticed the large, loose dog acting aggressive and charging at him, he went back to his patrol car. Now I understand this isn't always an option due to the fact patrol cars don't just follow you wherever you go. When it is an option, though, I've read countless stories of officer choosing to use lethal force in a situation when they could have retreated back to their squad car and reassessed the situation (and this was in absence of the dog being a threat to anybody else).

So, good first thinking!

When the dog became aggressive towards other people, the officer and other responding officers took action by trying a taser on the dog. It worked. They then used a nifty device called a catch pole to completely restrain the dog.

The owner did arrive shortly thereafter and restrained her dog - oh god, I bet she was embarrassed. The dog remains with the owner.

Good job, Horsham PD.

(I personally think the reason the dog went ape-shit was probably boredom and an inflated sense of self and possibly feeling overly emo about his last name, Livshits).

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