Friday, July 31, 2009

Atlanta police shoot dog in own backyard

An officer responding to a house alarm  entered the backyard and was approached by the resident dog. He shot the dog.

ETA: I found this article, which is much more detailed, including information like that the officer who was sent into the backyard to check things out was afraid of dogs.

I agree with this:
"I'd like for the police to get training on this. It strikes me as bizarre that there aren't things in place, protocol and trainings in place, that teach officers who are obviously going to come into contact with family animals, the way to respond in a responsible way," said Feichter.

From the guardian of the dog who was killed. Apparently there were two dogs and a petsitter. The alarm went off and the pet sitter couldn't get it turned off. Police came just to check things out so they knew two dogs were present. One officer went to the backyard where the shooting happened.

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