Sunday, May 1, 2011

Asheville Campus Police Acts a Hero, Shoots a Dog in the Face

April, 2011 - Asheville, North Carolina

A dog described as a Pit Bull (ZOMG! RUN FOR THE HILLS) jumped out of the back of a truck where he was just chilling. Yo, dog guardian, don't be a jack ass and leave your dog untethered and unattended in the back of your truck. Problem solved.

But instead problem emerged. The dog chased some people and eventually did bite one person in the hand.

In an act of BRAVERY so amazing, an award will be made in his honor, a campus security police officer lured the dog away undoubtedly by waving his arm in front of the dog as bait! When the dog meandered over, the officer had to defend himself from the walking brute by shooting the dog right in the face!

The dog will live, because he is a Pit Bull and as all creepy anti-pit bull zealots tell us, they are a speshul breed!

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