Saturday, July 30, 2011

Midlothian Police Shoot Confined Dog

Date: July, 2011
Location: Midlothian, Illinois
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A dog described as either a Pit Bull or Bull Mastiff was shot multiple times, ran away and probably died in pain and misery somewhere else courtesy of Midlothian Police.

The dog has been a stray, fed by locals, and considered friendly or at least not aggressive by neighbors.

The dog had been running loose and police were called. An officer came out and was able to get the dog into a yard before he was called away on an emergency. In an amazing move, he left a handwritten note on the home owner's door saying, yo left a big brown dog in your yard. The dog did not belong to the homeowner, although he knew who the dog was (a stray).

Police came later and almost immediately shot the dog three times, claiming he was aggressive. The dog, shot once in the head and twice in the ribs, clawed his way out to escape the people shooting him and ran off. He probably did not survive.

None of the neighbors appear pleased with the decision to shoot the dog.

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