Saturday, June 4, 2011

Newark Police Shoot Injured Cat, Another Shooting Involved Dog

A Newark police officer shot a cat who had been injured by a car in lieu of transporting the animal to a veterinarian.

In the second instance, the parents of a dog bite victim notified the on-scene officer that a dog, sitting on a porch, was friendly. As the officer looked for the other dog who had bitten the child, the "friendly" porch dog followed him down the alley-way cornering him. The dog did not attempt to lunge or bite but did growl. This was such a significant threat that the officer fired a shot at the dog, hitting him/her. In lieu of getting the dog to a veterinarian, the officer proceeded to kill the dog. The dog, by the way, is described as a Labrador Retriever mix and in this linked article, he is described as shooting the dog 6 times, not just twice.

The Chief of police wrote that article and "stands by" his pet-shooting officers!

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