Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tampa police kills dog on his own property

Some dude in Tampa was able to see blood on the tooth of a dog standing less than 10' away because he has amazing super eyesight. He then claims this must be because the dog bit someone else, although no one else was bitten so I guess he was wrong.

The story gets interesting because apparently the dogs were either earlier shot dead and confiscated or were shot dead and confiscated after they stared menacingly at this random dude who "loves dogs" but "hates pit bulls". Nevermind that pit bulls are genetically dogs. CRAZY.

So back to the interesting part. The dogs were actually on their own property when they were shot by police. A police officer leapt into the yard to serve an eviction notice and then was all surprised when the two dogs living on the property felt this was rude. One bit his leg and so he shot that dog. The other dog didn't do much but look silly and was later confiscated by animal control.

Epic reporting skills on this one.

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